Siamese Cats

With their color-pointed coats, slender bodies, and blue eyes, Siamese cats are easy to spot. Discover why Siamese cats were once cherished by Asian royalty and how the breed’s...


Orangutans swing through rain forest trees. Learn all about these clever apes and their habitats in Orangutans.

Sequence It! Little World Math Concepts

Sequence It! shows children the concept of numbers in a sequence and their positions (First, Last) in the sequence.


This Book About Wrestling Includes Information On Safety, Equipment, Technique, Competitions, And Famous Wrestlers.

Sheep on the Farm

Curious Kids Will Learn About Sheep, How Farmers Care For Them, And What Benefits We Get From These Farm Animals.


Describes the exciting sport of BMX racing and its riders. Includes information on equipment, technique, and races. .


Describes skateboarding and its necessary equipment. Includes information on technique, places to skateboard, and famous skateboarding competitions.

Oriental Cats

For the sleek Oriental cat, variety plays a big role. Orientals can have short or long hair. More than 300 combinations of colors and patterns are possible. But all Orientals come...

Water Spiders

They hunt at night. They spin bell-shaped webs. And they spend their whole lives under water. Look inside to discover what's going on in the world of water spiders.

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