Can Lightning Strike the Same Place Twice? And Other Questions About Earth, Weather, and the Environment

If the groundhog sees its shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter. Moss grows only on the north side of a tree. No two snowflakes are alike. You may have heard these common...

Persian Cats

A Persian’s long hair and gentle nature make this breed a great choice for a family pet. You can easily pick out a Persian by its thick, fluffy coat and short, flat nose. Read...


Rhinoceroses graze on grass and leaves. Learn all about these powerful creatures and their habitats in Rhinoceroses.

More Than, Less Than

This Math Concept Book Engages Young Readers Through Simple Text And Photos As They Learn About Comparing Things In A Group By More Than And Less Than.


Jump Into Skydiving And Examine The Training And Preparations In This Risky Sport.


Paintball, A Wild Activity, Is Highlighted Along With Who Enjoys Playing It, Rules That Are Followed, And Safety Equipment That Must Be Worn.

Sheep on the Farm

Curious Kids Will Learn About Sheep, How Farmers Care For Them, And What Benefits We Get From These Farm Animals.


Describes the exciting sport of BMX racing and its riders. Includes information on equipment, technique, and races. .


Describes skateboarding and its necessary equipment. Includes information on technique, places to skateboard, and famous skateboarding competitions.

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