Buzz, Sting, Bite: Why We Need Insects
  • By Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson
  • Duration: 7:15:13
  • Narrator: Kristin Milward
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster

An enthusiastic, witty, and informative introduction to the world of insects and why we—and the planet we inhabit—could not survive without them.Insects comprise...

Tropic Days
  • By E.j.banfield
  • Publisher: E.j.banfield

Edmund James "Ted" Banfield (4 September 1852 – 2 June 1923) was an author and naturalist, best known for his book Confessions of a Beachcomber.

Miracles Of Our Lord
  • By George MacDonald
  • Publisher: George Macdonald

George MacDonald was a Scottish poet, writer and Minister of the nineteenth century. He is known for his fantastic stories. In this book, MacDonald describes the miracles through...

A Dissertation On Horses: Wherein It Is Demonstrated, By Matters Of Fact, As Well As From The Principles Of Philosophy, That Innate Qualities Do Not Exist, And That The Excellence Of This Animal Is Altogether Mechanical And Not In The Blood.
  • By William Osmer
  • Publisher: Passerino

Osmer shows us, by what he argues against, the primitive state of horse-breeding in England where a superstitious belief in bloodline with no attention to conformation rules. This...

On The Tendency Of Varieties To Depart Indefinitely From The Original Type
  • By A.r. Wallace
  • Publisher: A.r. Wallace

Alfred Russel Wallace OM FRS (8 January 1823 – 7 November 1913) was a British naturalist, explorer, geographer, anthropologist, and biologist. He is best known for...

The Confessions Of A Beachcomber
  • By E.j.banfield
  • Publisher: E.j.banfield

Edmund James Banfield was an author and naturalist, best known for his book Confessions of a Beachcomber. This is an historical reproduction pre-1923 that was curated for quality....

Nurturing New Life
  • By Dante Buzzatti
  • Publisher: Terceiro Nome

"The immense variety of nests that Brazilian birds build With about 300 photos and texts on bird breeding habits, this book features nests of clay, straw and even a nest built...

The Revolutionary Genius Of Plants: A New Understanding Of Plant Intelligence And Behavior
  • By Stefano Mancuso
  • Duration: 4:14:34
  • Narrator: Gibson Frazier
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster

"In this thought-provoking, handsomely illustrated book, Italian neurobiologist Stefano Mancuso considers the fundamental differences between plants and animals and challenges our...

The Story Of Stuff: How Our Obsession With Stuff Is Trashing The Planet, Our Communities, And Our Health-and A Vision For Change
  • By Annie Leonard
  • Duration: 12:02:07
  • Narrator: Annie Leonard
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster

This reading group guide for The Story of Stuff  includes an introduction, discussion questions, ideas for enhancing your book club, and a Q&A with author Annie Leonard....

What Animal Is It?
  • By Levindo Carneiro
  • Publisher: Truque

Shadows of animals with exotic scenery to inspire the imagination.

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