And They Let The Blood Flow
  • By Julius Kane
  • Duration: 1:42:59
  • Narrator: Michael Grinter
  • Publisher: Maverick Media Group

"If it moves, shoot it." It was the most godless place on earth. An island where European men could act on their every whim. Serial killers roamed the countryside accompanied by...

Eugenics, Sterilization And Planned Parenthood
  • By Xavier James
  • Duration: 0:11:18
  • Narrator: Coby Allen
  • Publisher: Maverick Media Group

Their mission was to destroy Black Americans using government-sanctioned sterilization. What damage did eugenics programs do to society? Is there really a superior race? Does...

America's Date Rape Dad: Why Bill Cosby Did It And Why America Didn't Give A Dam
  • By Xavier James
  • Duration: 0:10:17
  • Narrator: Chaz Kendricks
  • Publisher: Maverick Media Group

In this cult of personality world that we live in celebrities are allowed to get away with murder. In this shocking essay Xavier James uncovers the truth behind the vale. He also...

Wyatt's Little Germs: A Read Aloud Introduction To Germ Prevention
  • By Kayla Nijai
  • Duration: 0:04:45
  • Narrator: Trista Shaye
  • Publisher: Maverick Media Group

Wyatt's Little Germs was made to help kids understand how germs are spread. It encapsulates the necessity of hand washing and explains to children how germs live on surfaces and...

The Unknown History Of Black Newspapers In America
  • By Julius Kane
  • Duration: 0:09:27
  • Narrator: Rosie O Toole
  • Publisher: Maverick Media Group

The Black Press made a huge difference when it came to reporting to black Americans what was going on in black America. All the lynching's, court cases and protests that were...

Inside The Sexual Mind Of The Virgo Man
  • By Lysa London
  • Duration: 0:05:55
  • Narrator: Nadia May
  • Publisher: Maverick Media Group

This title list specifically what a woman needs to know in order to keep her man sexually fulfilled. It also takes the guesswork out of dating and sexual compatibility. It's not...

The Top 5 Reasons Why Black Men Choose White Women
  • By Xavier James
  • Duration: 0:16:11
  • Narrator: E.M. Lewis
  • Publisher: Maverick Media Group

Is it social programming, status or self hate that's driving black males into the arms of white women? Is there a problem that needs fixing or simply just media hype?Why Black Men...