The Top Twenty Books And Documentaries Black Folks Must Study
  • By Xavier James
  • Duration: 0:18:25
  • Narrator: Russell Newton
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

Xavier James details and explains the most important books and documentaries you need for yourself and your family. Everything they didn't tell you in school

Eugenics, Sterilization And Planned Parenthood
  • By Xavier James
  • Duration: 0:11:18
  • Narrator: Coby Allen
  • Publisher: Maverick Media Group

Their mission was to destroy Black Americans using government-sanctioned sterilization. What damage did eugenics programs do to society? Is there really a superior race? Does...

America's Date Rape Dad: Why Bill Cosby Did It And Why America Didn't Give A Dam
  • By Xavier James
  • Duration: 0:10:17
  • Narrator: Chaz Kendricks
  • Publisher: Maverick Media Group

In this cult of personality world that we live in celebrities are allowed to get away with murder. In this shocking essay Xavier James uncovers the truth behind the vale. He also...

The Top 5 Reasons Why Black Men Choose White Women
  • By Xavier James
  • Duration: 0:16:11
  • Narrator: E.M. Lewis
  • Publisher: Maverick Media Group

Is it social programming, status or self hate that's driving black males into the arms of white women? Is there a problem that needs fixing or simply just media hype?Why Black Men...