3 is the the third ebook of Peter Marosi,an hungarian glamour/fashion photographer, with Barbara Bocsi as model.

My World

a collection of glamour images by american photographer Rick Trottier

Adventures In Biblical Thinking - Think About Series - Volume 4

The Adventures in Biblical Thinking Think about Series is an invitation to think. Each Volume is focuses on separate topics. In Volume One the topics are: Life, Faith, Abiding and...

The Adventures Of Bumbo: The Elephant

During a thunderstorm, a very special lightning stroked over him. He become much stronger, extremely maleable, invisible to most humans, allowing Bumbo to jump, explore and fly...

What Fruit Is It ?

As you turn the pages the macro photographs of the fruit zooms out until you get the answer

Naturally Artificial

A visual adventure that mixes unusual portraits of Brazilian fauna and the world, depicting details, textures, and surreal sceneries from delicate to grotesque.Photographed over...

Z1: Zoom

A visual adventure, turning each page, new worlds are revealed, mixing tropical environments, textures, colors, insects and Brazilian landscapes.

Beloved Invaders: Humans Or Insects?

The space shared between humans and insects of the Tijuca Forest, Rio de Janeiro, An eBook of macro-photographs of insects, documenting man's intrusion into areas of insects and...

Digital Photography Basics: A Complete Course For Beginner Photographers And How To Start Your Own Photography Business

Digital Photography BasicsA Complete Course for Beginner Photographers and How to Start Your Own Photography BusinessThis audiobook include- Your Camera Manual SettingsHow to...

Digital Photography: The Ultimate Guide To Mastering Digital Photography, Learn About Digital Photography That You Can Use For Fun And Business

Are you a beginner who owns a digital camera but is not quite sure how to use it? Or you know how to use one but somehow, the photos are not coming out the way you want them? Or...

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