Why Bears Sleep All Winter

Three bears find it hard to sleep because of too much noise.

Seconds from Winning

Paxton won't be satisfied with second place in the go-kart race today...but can he beat Mark who has more sponsors and a better kart?

Stuck by Luck

When a boy's lucky rabbit foot drops into a vase on display in an art gallery he's left attached to the vase during the auction.

Talent Night

Benjamin's skill helps make Talent Night a success.

The Chore Chain

Everyone in Maddie's neighborhood gets a chance to do a favorite chore--for someone else!

The Guard the Monkey and the King's Crown

When 3 monkeys steal the king's crown Ravi figures out a clever way to get it back. Based on a Jataka Indian tale of moral.

The Mixed-up Fish Dance

Marisa tries to play a different role in the annual dance.

The Mystery of the Magic Lunch Bag

Sheila's lunch bag may not change sandwiches into lunchtime favorites but it helps her find a new friend.

The Mystery of the Missing Mile-High Cake

The scatterbrained baker, Mr. Sippey, bakes his famous cake only to have it go missing. Unable to find it, he goes home and discovers that the cake was for his own surprise...

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