Space Junk

A lot of debris from space vehicles is cluttering outer space. What can we do about it?


A girl's quick thinking saves the wranglers.

Stinky Treasure

Rosie the dog thinks that "garbage" must mean the same thing as "treasure" and a dump must be the the most wonderful place on Earth.

Sweetened Condensed Milk

A delicious treat reminds Ishmael of a special place.

The Donkey Egg

No matter how well the farmer's family cares for the pumpkin it will not hatch a donkey . . . or will it?

The Mysterious Egg

When an egg blows up to the barn during a storm the animals try to decide to whom the egg belongs. When the egg hatches a baby turtle emerges and the animals decide the egg...

The Tarantulas of Pie Town

Jennifer is accepted by the other ranch hands when she reacts well to a practical joke.

The Unwelcome Neighbor

Mother and Father Crow find a way to protect their babies from a huge black snake.

The View from Camp

Bryan and Syd are totally different--will they remain roommates until the end of camp?

The Winning Recipe

Aunt May and the unnamed narrator attempt to bake a cake for a cake contest but they wind up talking themselves into eating it themselves.

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