Kids' Party Songs

Over 30 minutes of music and games adds up to tons of fun for kids’ parties. Perfect for birthdays, sleepovers, classroom celebrations, afternoon fun, and family gatherings,...

Kids Halloween Party

60 minutes of continuous eerie, spooky noises.

Kids Sing Hymns

Contemporary arrangements of 16 traditional hymns sung by kids for kids! This album is great to use in Sunday school and church to inspire children to learn more about God!

30 Hymns for Kids

NEW! Contemporary arrangements of traditional hymns---for kids of all ages! The collection features arrangements of 30 all-time favorite hymns.

Christmas Songs 4 Kids

Capture the joy of the season with this collection of new and traditional Christmas songs recorded especially for young children.

Kids Learn Spanish! Stories 3

Learning Spanish is easy with this set of 4 simple stories, each spoken first in Spanish then in English, followed by 'Words I’ve Learned'.This is a great, fun way to introduce...

Ultimate Kids Collection Vol. 1

30 fun learning songs teach the alphabet, letter sounds, numbers and counting!

Classic Tunes for Kids 1

This old man, he played one! He played knick-knack on my thumb — sing along with 25 new and traditional songs for kids!

Silly Songs for Kids 4

Monkey see and monkey do! The monkey does the same as you! Sing along with 25 unusual goofy songs for kids! This album is great for anytime your kids are bored and ready for some...

Silly Songs for Kids 3

Whenever I go out, the people always shout John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt — and then sing along with 25 new and tradtional silly songs for kids. This album is great for anytime...

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