Child's Book of the Garden, A: The Things in Our Garden (Special Edition)

This audiobook is a fun and charming. Adults and children will enjoy even. Arthur Michell Ransome was an English author and journalist who had a reputation as one of the best...

Classic Short Story Collection

This audio book contains the following short stories:1) To Build a Fire (Jack London)2) In the Penal Colony (Franz Kafka)3) White Nights (Fyodor Dostoyevsky)4) The Chimes (Charles...

Good Trouble

Back at dinner, somebody said that the goose thinks it’s a dog. No, it doesn’t. It doesn’t think it’s a dog. The goose doesn’t think. The goose just is. And what the...

Old Time Radio Commercials

Brings back many old memories of the past. Very good collection.

WordTheatre: Love Hurts

WordTheatre presents Love Hurts Love Stories Recorded Live in Los Angeles, New York, and London, Produced and Directed by Cedering FoxThe first in WordTheatre's series, Love Hurts...

WordTheatre: The Wild West

WordTheatre presents The Wild West Performed Live at The Met Theatre in Hollywood, Produced and Directed by Darrell Larson and Cedering FoxThe Wild West offers an introduction to...

Nap Time for Kitty

Mama cat must convince baby kitty that it's time to take a nap.

The Secret, Mystifying, Unusual History of Magic

The world of magic is filled with impossible feats, extraordinary fame, and closely guarded secrets. This Unusual History traces the magical art from its roots. Learn about the...

Pig Takes A Bath

A muddy little pig takes a bath and gets clean before escaping back to his messy fun.

Snack Time for Cow

Baby calf enjoys many snacks during his day. Suitable for the youngest of learners, this audiobook can help guide a child's first steps in learning and growing.

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