Discover Your Genius

Imagine unleashing your creativity by letting your imagination enjoy the benefits of the type of mental play that helped inspire the theory of relativity. Or evaluating your...

Michael J. Szanto

Michael Szanto is a Economic and Foreign Policy Analyst. He discusses current global issues.

Women Want More

Haven't women gotten everything they want? Economic power? Social influence? Business clout?Yes, but it turns out that these fantastic gains have come at a heavy price, as...

Lucky Man: A Memoir [abridged]

Grammy Award Nominee for Best Spoken Word Album!"If you were to rush in to this room right now and announce that you had struck a deal-with God, Allah, Buddha, Christ, Krishna,...

Heroic Conservatism

Michael Gerson, who worked with George W. Bush on his most inspiring speeches, is considered by many Democrats and Republicans to be the most influential White House speechwriter...

Dj J Michaels' Podcast

HOT Tribal and Progressive House Mixes

Michael J Nimmo's Posts

Michael J Nimmo's recent posts to

William J Bennett Children's Audio Treasury [abridged]

A Simon & Schuster audiobook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every listener.


Welcome to the Michael podcast, where amazing things happen.


Welcome to Michael, where amazing things happen.

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