Welcome to the Xavier podcast, where amazing things happen.

Gemma Oneill

This media file will explore the representation of Pablo Picasso in the film Midnight in Paris directed by Woody Allen. The film transports the viewer to the creative hub of Paris...

Xavier Jones

Welcome to the Xavier Jones podcast, where amazing things happen.

Antologia de José Carlos Capinan

Na Coleção Grandes Poetas Contemporâneos apresentamos a Antologia de José Carlos Capinan, uma seleção de poemas escolhidos e narrados pelo próprio autor. O poeta e músico...

Walking With Jordi

Welcome to the daily audio transcription of my life. I'm a started off as a visual communicator and I've tapped into my other communication talents recently. This podcast allows...

5 Solas

The 5 Solas Podcast is a reformed theology podcast focused on Christian doctrine and current issues within and outside of the church, and how to deal with those issues from a...

La Condenada y Otros Cuentos

Colección de cuentos de Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, periodista y escritor de varios géneros en español. Él tuvo éxito no sólo en su país de origen, sino también en lugares de...

Mariana Fernandez

My podcast is about my experiences in life that have helped me grow and learn how to look at life in a different way . These are my life stories.

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