A Dire Isle: Harith Athreya Book 2
  • By RV Raman
  • Duration: 8:42:51
  • Narrator: Neil Shah
  • Publisher: Novel Audio

Harith Athreya is back, this time to face a centuries old-curse in the second novel in the internationally acclaimed series!An archeological team is excavating on the banks of...

Presto!: How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear And Other Magical Tales
  • By Penn Jillette
  • Duration: 9:36:02
  • Narrator: Penn Jillette
  • Publisher: Novel Audio

An unconventional weight loss tale from an unconventional personality—Penn Jillette tells how he lost 100 pounds with his trademark outrageous sense of humor and biting social...

A Will To Kill
  • By RV Raman
  • Duration: 8:42:21
  • Narrator: Neil Shah
  • Publisher: Novel Audio

THE NEW YORK TIMES EDITOR'S CHOICE, January 2021 - Recommended by The New York Times - 22 Jan 2021- Named among the best traditional mysteries of 2020 by CrimeReads. For fans of...

The Science Of Jurassic World: The Dinosaur Facts Behind The Films
  • By Jon Chase
  • Duration: 7:35:38
  • Narrator: David Doersch
  • Publisher: Novel Audio

A tale of some of the most amazing creatures ever to grace this tiny planet—unearth how the science fiction of the Jurassic World franchise inspired the evolution of dinosaur...

Smart But Scattered Teens: The "executive Skills" Program For Helping Teens Reach Their Potential
  • By Colin Guare
  • Duration: 11:12:11
  • Narrator: Abby Craden
  • Publisher: Novel Audio

"I told you, I'll do it later.""I forgot to turn in the stupid application.""Could you drive me to school? I missed the bus again.""I can't walk the dog--I have too much...

Lies We Tell Ourselves
  • By Steena Holmes
  • Duration: 9:58:27
  • Narrator: Patricia Santomasso
  • Publisher: Novel Audio

"I found her." One phone call and three whispered words is all it takes for Paige Fischer to risk everything - including her own life.One missing sister...Twelve years ago, Paige...

Cut You Dead (samantha Willerby Mystery Series Book 4)
  • By A. J. Waines
  • Duration: 9:12:46
  • Narrator: Leila Birch
  • Publisher: Novel Audio

You’ve got seven days… then you’re next.When a young woman falls to her death from a balcony, everyone thinks she lost her balance taking a daredevil selfie – until...

Editing Humanity: The Crispr Revolution And The New Era Of Genome Editing
  • By Kevin Davies
  • Duration: 16:17:43
  • Narrator: Kevin Davies
  • Publisher: Novel Audio

One of the world's leading experts on genetics unravels one of the most important breakthroughs in modern science and medicine. If our genes are, to a great extent, destiny, then...

A Man On The Moon
  • By Tom Hanks
  • Duration: 23:00:03
  • Narrator: Bronson Pinchot
  • Publisher: Novel Audio

On the night of July 20, 1969, our world changed forever when two Americans, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, walked on the moon. Now the greatest event of the twentieth century is...

The Defiant Child: A Parent's Guide To Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  • By Douglas A. Riley
  • Duration: 6:23:40
  • Narrator: Braden Wright
  • Publisher: Novel Audio

A much-needed tool that parents of children with O.D.D. can use to identify the source of this turmoil and take back parental control. Dr. Douglas Riley teaches parents how to...

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