Hermetic Philosophy And Creative Alchemy: The Emerald Tablet, The Corpus Hermeticum, And The Journey Through The Seven Spheres
  • By Marlene Seven Bremner
  • Duration: 10:37:47
  • Narrator: Marlene Seven Bremner
  • Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Compan

"Informatively illustrated, impressively informative, expertly written, and thoroughly 'reader friendly' in organization and presentation, Marlene Seven Bremner's Hermetic...

The Evolutionary Empath: A Practical Guide For Heart-centered Consciousness
  • By Rev. Stephanie Red Feather
  • Duration: 13:18:01
  • Narrator: Rev. Stephanie Red Feather
  • Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Compan

“She gives practical exercises, with downloadable audio tracks, to help people reclaim their identity for she believes empaths are here on a cosmic mission, here to raise...

Julius Evola: The Philosopher And Magician In War: 1943-1945
  • By Gianfranco de Turris
  • Duration: 7:53:01
  • Narrator: Luke Bob Robinson
  • Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Compan

“Inner Traditions’ release of Gianfranco De Turris’ account of Evola’s life during the second world war is a welcome and timely resource”

The Fall Of Spirituality: The Corruption Of Tradition In The Modern World
  • By Julius Evola
  • Duration: 7:21:49
  • Narrator: Michael Moynihan
  • Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Compan

“One of the most diffcult and ambiguous figures in modern esotericism.”

The Quantum Akashic Field: A Guide To Out-of-body Experiences For The Astral Traveler
  • By Jim Willis
  • Duration: 8:01:56
  • Narrator: Andy Rick
  • Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Compan

“Combining cutting-edge theories, mysticism, and personal narratives, Jim Willis provides a fascinating overview of the out-of-body experience. Willis seamlessly makes...

Meditations With The Navajo: Prayers, Songs, And Stories Of Healing And Harmony
  • By Gerald Hausman
  • Duration: 3:05:01
  • Narrator: Gerald Hausman
  • Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Compan

"In his reverent, gentle workings of traditional themes, Gerald Hausman displays a deeper understanding of the natural world than most of the writers of our generation."

Anything Can Be Healed: The Body Mirror System Of Healing With Chakras
  • By Martin Brofman
  • Duration: 7:46:44
  • Narrator: Robin Douglas
  • Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Compan

“As one who recognizes the importance of personal responsibilityfor one’s own healing and experiences, I found Anything Can Be Healed a hugely valuable book, full of...

Adhd: A Hunter In A Farmer's World
  • By Thom Hartmann
  • Duration: 7:51:00
  • Narrator: Robin Douglas
  • Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Compan

“A clear and positive view of our remarkable children with practical tips for the parent.”

Addiction-free Naturally: Free Yourself From Opioids, Pharmaceuticals, Alcohol, Tobacco, Caffeine, Sugar, And More
  • By Brigitte Mars
  • Duration: 11:43:12
  • Narrator: Andy Rick
  • Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Compan

Addiction-Free Naturally is a must-have resource for anyone dealing with any kind of addiction. For some it could very well be life-saving. The material is extensively researched...

An Energy Healer’s Book Of Dying: For Caregivers And Those In Transition
  • By Suzanne Worthley
  • Duration: 7:29:30
  • Narrator: Suzanne Worthley
  • Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Compan

"In this book, Suzanne Worthley helps us to understand not just from a physical perspective but from a spiritual/energetic perspective just what an amazing journey the dying go...

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