Increase Your Creative Potential

Know the main concepts of creativity, discover tools to overcome the inhibiting factors of creativity and learn how to handle the mistakes, making it an ally in the creative...

Managing Conflicts in the Company

Learn to recognize the origins, developments and effects of the existing conflict inside a company. Learn how to deal with these conflicts through communication focus on the...

Work Motivation

To provide students with theoretical background on the subject, in the fields of psychology and management in the search for understanding of the various facets of human behavior.

How to Become a Persuasive Person

Help the student improve and/or change their behavior in different contexts, in the workplace as well as in the personal life.

Etiqueta à Mesa

Conheça as regras de etiqueta à mesa e aprenda como causar uma boa impressão em qualquer ambiente. Saiba comportar-se com elegância e segurança no seu dia a dia e participe...

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