Man In White

Johnny Cash. The Apostle Paul. Passionate. Controversial. Fiery. Destructive. Redeemed.

Huckabee: The Authorized Biography

The Mike Huckabee Story. An intimate look. Authorized and well researched.

Going Down To The River: A Homeless Musician, An Unforgettable Song, And The Miraculous Encounter That Changed A Life

The astonishing story of a singer-songwriter living on the streets of Nashville who met Jesus, got sober, and found international stardom at the age of 62.Doug Seegers left New...

This Is Awkward: How Life's Uncomfortable Moments Open The Door To Intimacy And Connection

Don’t waste your awkwardness.The most difficult subjects in our lives are also the ones that we find most uncomfortable to talk about: divorce, body image, sexuality,...

Scary Close: Dropping The Act And Finding True Intimacy

A New York Times bestseller, Scary Close is Donald Miller at his best.Scary Close is a book about the risk involved in choosing to impress fewer...