Dealing With Alcohol Addiction
  • By Amanda Reinhart
  • Publisher: Pronoun

An addiction to alcohol can easily start to take over your life. Everywhere you go, it tags along with you.Want to get rid of it before your life is ruined?Amanda Reinhart takes a...

Stress Relief: Stress Reduction Guide To Help You Calm The Mind, Master Your Emotional Response To Stress And Create An Extraordinary Life
  • By Mark J. Crawford
  • Duration: 1:08:52
  • Narrator: Matt Montanez
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

Dial down your stress with these proven stress relief techniques guaranteed to help you manage your stress efficiently.Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for a special...

Dark Pschoylogy, Proven Manipulation Techniques To Influence Human Psychology. Discover Secret Methods For Mind Control,dark Nlp, Deception, Subliminal, Persuasion And Dark Hypnosis
  • By John Clark
  • Duration: 3:00:43
  • Narrator: Byron Armstrong
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

Do you dream about becoming a master of mind control? Do you want to protect yourself from brainwashing by becoming aware of the most effective techniques? Then you need to keep...

Adhd Adult : How To Recognize & Cope With Adult Adhd In 30 Easy Steps
  • By Scott Green
  • Publisher: Scott Green

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has always been associated to children’s developmental problems. However, in the U.S. alone, states that there are...

Overthinking: Learn How To Master Your Emotions, Stop Worrying, Reduce Anxiety, Stop Procrastination, And Improve Self-esteem By Developing A Winning Mentality
  • By Gerard Graves
  • Duration: 3:48:59
  • Narrator: Kenzy S. Taha
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

Have you been finding it difficult to relax and switch off your mind and are tend to be anxious, edgy and unproductive because you are busy analyzing everything in all manner of...

Alcoholism: Your Guide To Stop Drinking, Stay Sober And Take Back Control Of Your Life
  • By Scott J. Larson
  • Duration: 0:32:30
  • Narrator: Nick Dolle
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

Have you found your alcohol consumption creeping steadily up?Is it at a point where it is no longer enjoyable and simply a function?Do you need help to stop?Drinking alcohol is a...

Right Body For You
  • By Gary M. Douglas & Donnielle Carter
  • Duration: 5:05:39
  • Narrator: Donnielle Carter
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

What would it be like to begin enjoying your body no matter what size, shape, age or fitness? Isn't it time to stop the patterns and habits with your body that keep you stuck? Is...

Emotional Intelligence: A Guide To Understanding, Developing And Improving Your Emotional Intelligence. Why It Is More Important Than Iq And How To Use It In Your Life Spectrum, From Everyday Life To Business And Leadership
  • By Adam Brown
  • Duration: 0:56:16
  • Narrator: Matt Montanez
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

Want to Build Self Confidence? Looking to Learn How to Control Your Emotions? If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions then you'll want to learn about the important...

An Adventure
  • By Eleanor Jourdain
  • Duration: 3:42:54
  • Narrator: Tony Walker
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

On 10th August 1901, two English women walked into the past. This is a documented true story that was extensively researched by the women who experienced this timeslip.During a...

Evolution - Coming To Terms With The Et Presence
  • By Nadine Lalich
  • Duration: 4:19:03
  • Narrator: Nadine Lalich
  • Publisher: HB Publishing

It was late on the evening of June 15, 1991, when Nadine and her friend, Pamela, pulled into the empty lot of Banjo Bill Park in Sedona, Arizona. After the long drive from...

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