The Magic Path Of Intuition
  • By Florence Scovel Shinn
  • Duration: 1:05:09
  • Narrator: Kristen Glassman
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

Florence Scovel Shinn was a gifted teacher who shaped the fields of spiritual growth and new age thought. Her practical, straightforward style empowered countless people to trust...

It's Up To You
  • By Ernest Holmes
  • Duration: 2:37:26
  • Narrator: Jason McCoy
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

Do you have any control over your life? In It's Up to You, Ernest Holmes shows how to move from a life of "No" to a life of "Yes." Listeners will be able to choose their future,...

Choices Unchosen
  • By Calleey Horizon
  • Duration: 0:13:58
  • Narrator: Jennifer J Johnson
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

Choices Unchosen is an audio book of 55 sentiments that helps and benefits listeners, who are looking for a deep insight to resolving underlying issues within themselves and their...

The Power Of Personal Change
  • By Chindah Chindah
  • Duration: 5:00:54
  • Narrator: Mathew Dalton
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

It is often said that change is the only constant in life. But many people view change as something to be avoided. The very idea of change makes us apprehensive and nervous. The...

Using Tarot For Successful Decisions: How To Get Guidance From Tarot Major Arcana
  • By Elsabe Smit
  • Duration: 1:22:18
  • Narrator: Elsabe Smit
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

Do you sometimes want unbiased advice on solving a problem? Do you also want to rely more on your intuition and grow while dealing with challenging situations? Tarot can be...

A Story About, " I Will Never Do Network Marketing "
  • Duration: 2:22:41
  • Narrator: RICH GALDIERI
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

A story about a former life-long Pyramid Scam/Network Marketing skeptic that becomes an industry leader. !

Clarity How To Get It, How To Keep It And How To Use It To Balance Your Life
  • By Steven Cesari
  • Duration: 6:19:46
  • Narrator: Steven Cesari
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

People in all stages of life can be adrift, overcommitted, distracted, or just plain stuck which can keep them from reaching their full potential. Steve Cesari understands that...

Miracle At Large
  • By Ricky Sinclair with Gerald Johnston
  • Duration: 1:44:01
  • Narrator: Bryan Rogillio
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

They had helicopters, bloodhounds, four-wheel drives, night-sight goggles, flashlights, insect repellent, rifles and shotguns. He had a pair of flip-flops. The hunt lasted...

Memory Improvement Bundle: 5 In 1 Bundle, Unlimited Memory, Memory Book, Memory Palace, Speed Reading, Learning How To Learn
  • By Jessica Foster and Barry M Proby
  • Duration: 2:41:55
  • Narrator: John Hays and Eric Budreau
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

Is your memory something that sometimes fails you?Would you like to sharpen it and be better at remembering crucial detailsThis bundle can help you do that!We've all been there,...

Your Simplest Life: The Ultimate Guide To The Art Of Simple Living, Learn About How Living Simply And Within Your Means Can Ultimately Lead To A Happy And Peaceful Life
  • By Natalia Mauddress
  • Duration: 0:28:26
  • Narrator: Todd Studer
  • Publisher: Author's Republic

Your Simplest Life: The Ultimate Guide to the Art of Simple Living, Learn About How Living Simply and Within Your Means Can Ultimately Lead to a Happy and Peaceful LifeWhen living...

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