Pelican Point

After inheriting a crumbling lighthouse, Dr. Ben Garrison is more than ready to get rid of it until he meets a determined Marci Weber who wants to save the landmark. Can she make...

Productivity Book Group

A virtual reading group that meets to discuss books in the personal productivity genre.

Pop-culture Pelican

Obnoxious banter interspersed with occasional conversations about pop-culture, music, art, and faith.

311 Pelican Court

Rosie Cox311 Pelican CourtCedar Cove, WashingtonDear Listener,One thing about Cedar Cove-people sure are interested in what other people are doing. Take me, for instance....

Hachette Book Group Features

A destination channel to learn more about Hachette books and authors, as well as themes and news from the company.

The Pelican A Comedy

"[A] funny, serious, clever novel." -The New York TimesFrom award-winning Dutch author Martin Michael Driessen comes a fearlessly funny tragedy about an improbable friendship,...

Do Squirrels Swarm? A Book About Animal Groups

Introduces a number of different animals and the names of the groups in which they live, travel, or work.

High Tide At Pelican Pointe

In High Tide at Pelican Pointe, we once again begin our story in the quaint little town of Park Place, nestled in the heart of the Olde English District of South Carolina. We find...

The Day of the Pelican

Grade Level: 4-6 Age Level: 9-11 Listening Level: Grades 4-6Meli Lleshi is positive that her drawing of her teacher with his pelican nose is what started it all. The Lleshis are...

Daniel Group

Sermons from the ministry of Daniel Group. Daniel Group exists to develop a Kingdom Revival Kingdom by equipping both believers and local churches.

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