Marcel Proust

Vorträge der Vorlesung "Marcel Proust" (Prof. Dr. Thomas Klinkert) im Sommersemester 2010: Einer der Höhepunkte der französischen Literatur ist Marcel Prousts "À la recherche...

The Life & Work of Marcel Proust

Born in 1871, Marcel Proust was intent on becoming a writer from an early age. For much of his youth, Proust led the life of a man-about-town, frequenting fashionable Paris...

Proust Was a Neuroscientist

In this technology-driven age, it's tempting to believe that science can solve every mystery. After all, science has cured countless diseases and even sent humans into space. But...

Marcel Post

Lets better ourselves! Mentally, emotionally, and physically opening the way you view things.

Proust & Prosecco

Sveriges roligaste filosofipod! Proust & Prosecco är en podcast som blandar filosofi och samtidskultur med utgångspunkt från en fråga i Proust Questionaire per avsnitt. Allt...

Marcel Comeau

Welcome to Marcel Comeau, where amazing things happen.

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