Magical, Combustible Words

You'll love Cousineau's stories of the long journeys his favorite words have taken to find their way into our lives, and the provocative nuances hidden in the origins of others....

Sacred Word Publishing Podcast

Audio files from SWP's weekly study of ancient manuscripts and biweekly Ask Me Anything shows.

Re:lay Publishing

The team of abstract visionaries loving the quality underground music and art.

Scapegoat Publishing

Available through major booksellers online and off...

Skullduggery Publishing

Storytelling and inteviews by Skullduggery Publishing

Magical Minutia

Wild speculations about the trivial details of the Harry Potter world by two muggles.

Magical Garden

Dr. Lee Pulos is a leader in the field of mind/ body/ spirit. Let him show you how Visualization, a mental technique that uses the imagination, can lead to success and make your...

Magical Clothes

This is the story of Verity, the child who dared to shout the truth of the Emperor’s New Clothes. Now all grown up, she is ready for a bawdy adventure of her own. The city of...

Magical Humans

How do artists come up with ideas for their next painting? How do CEOs disrupt industries? How do chefs combine unexpected ingredients? Find out what made them think, “I can do...

Oxford Brookes University | Publishing | Publishing Podcasts

Podcasts from the Oxford International Centre for Publishing at Oxford Brookes University. Speakers from the Publishing industry in front of an audience of students, lecturers and...

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