Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates by PYLE, Howard

Swashbuckling tales of legendary pirates, buccaneers, and marooners, terrors of the Spanish Main.(Summary by Epistomolus)

Twilight Land by PYLE, Howard

The room was all full of twilight; but there they sat, every one of them. I did not count them, but there were ever so many: Aladdin, and Ali Baba, and Fortunatis, and...

Wonder Clock, The by PYLE, Howard

Four and twenty marvellous tales, one for each hour of the day, retold in a novel and entertaining manner by a master of the form. While drawing on German, English, and...

Men Of Iron By Howard Pyle

Men of Iron by Howard Pyle is historical fiction that transports us back to the 1400s, a time of knighthood and chivalry. Myles Falworth is eight years old when news comes they...

Pyles Of Knowledge

Talking about exercise science, sports, and other interesting topics

Emily Howard

Podcast by Emily Howard

Howards End

Set in Edwardian England, Howards End is the portrait of a lost era, a deceptively golden time before the First World War that would change values and lifestyles forever. To...

Howards End

The disregard of a dying woman's bequest, a girl's attempt to help an impoverished clerk, and the marriage of an idealist and a materialist intersect at an estate called Howards...

Maxwell Howard

Working at WDET's The Beginning of the End podcast // Trying to still carve out time for side projects

Howard County Radio

Covering all news, stats, and updates from The Howard County Broncos and Big Spring Steers of The Permian Basin Youth Football League.

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