The Tug of War

The judgment of an untested president is all that stands between us and WWIII. As Soviet nuclear missiles move ever closer to Cuba, President John F. Kennedy must chart a course...

Nick's Sharks

Nick is at the beach, but he doesn’t want to go swimming because he is afraid of sharks! Will a trip to the aquarium with his sister show him that sharks are not scary?

Ali's Olive Jar

Ali and his wife, Noura, want to travel but they have no one to watch their gold. Noura comes up with a plan to hide their money—all she needs is a jar of olives!

Instead Of The War Drum: The Story Of Ashoka

King Ashoka was a fearsome conqueror, but became a Buddhist after seeing the destruction of war. Learn about his peaceful reign and the lasting changes he created in India.


Alekos wants to be a soldier like Achilles! After stowing away on a ship, Alekos must work as a servant. When an opportunity to ask his hero how to learn bravery arises, will...

Fangs for the Memories

Count Dracula needs a new pair of fangs. There’s only one place he can go—to the dentist! Follow along with this funny story and learn all about puns!

America's First Diplomat

Do you know who Benjamin Franklin is? He is one of America’s founding fathers! Learn about the many political contributions that he made during the Revolutionary War.

Peder's Flute

Without his lazy brothers’ help, Peder takes care of the family farm and their sheep. Peder likes that he can play his flute while he works. What happens when a troll asks him...

Mermaid's Blood

After finding an article about an old hag, a man recalls the summer he spent looking for an unusual type of sea glass at the beach. Will he finally learn the truth of this special...

The Golden Rat

After Jaidutt’s father squanders his inheritance, he must find a way to take care of his family. He asks a merchant for a loan to start a business, but the merchant gives him an...

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