Jesus' Terrible Financial Advice Flipping the Tables on Peace, Prosperity, and the Pursuit of Happiness

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"Jesus' advice ruined what I planned to write."

It was the recipe for a great book. John and his wife - both financial experts – had cut their income by 80% to pursue more meaningful lives. Within six years they had two kids, were debt-free, went on several vacations, and doubled their net worth. John was ready to share the biblical principles that made this possible.

But he couldn't. After reviewing Scripture's teaching on money – over 1,300 verses – he realized he had missed something big.

Jesus' Terrible Financial Advice turns even conventional Christian wisdom on its head. While it answers many of the practical questions we have – like does Jesus want me to be rich or poor? Should I give to everybody who asks? Is it wrong to save? – it goes beyond these concerns. It asks bigger questions, gives bolder answers, and offers a more comprehensive view of stewardship. Follow Jesus' "terrible" (shocking, otherworldly) financial advice, and you'll have what money can't buy: purpose.

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