Taken by the Wind

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PI and restaurateur Jane Lawless must track down two missing teenagers

Although Eric and Andrew have been trying to keep up a semblance of normal life, they know their 13-year-old son, Jack, has been having a tough time of it since they separated. They've been concerned, but now they're terrified—Jack has run away from home.

It happened once before, just after the separation, but then it was only a matter of hours before Eric found him. This time, Jack disappeared with his cousin, and the two of them haven't been seen for more than 24 hours. Desperate, Eric and Andrew call on private investigator Jane Lawless, a friend of Andrew's from years ago.

Despite the fact that her business partner, A. J. Nolan, is now in a wheelchair and struggling with depression, Jane agrees to help out. But after examining Eric and Andrew's home, Jane's first impression of the case isn't good—in fact, she's not convinced the boys ran away at all. She thinks they may have been abducted. Or worse.

Taken by the Wind, the latest riveting mystery from award-winning author Ellen Hart, is a race against the clock for Jane and the terrified parents of two missing boys.


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