Exciting Events: Volume 02

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Listen as Wassaja, a young Yavapai boy overcomes the destruction of his village and a violent abduction by a rival tribe, yet by 1899, goes on to become Dr. Carlos Montezuma-the second American Indian to become a physician in the U.S. Return to the Nebraska plains' Omaha Reservation where Chief Iron Eye's compassionate daughter (Susan La Flesche Picotte) begins her epic jouney, becoming the first American Indian woman physician. Hear "Mountain Storm" as two culturally diverse teen hikers, lost in the Smoky Mountains, learn cooperation or "Under His Wings" where robbers attack a Peru mission boat. A poor family pulls together in "The Christmas Surprise" while Jeff, a compromising teenager, learns a valuable lesson about peer pressure and caring from his eccentric Uncle Dilbert. "Amazing Mini-Miracles" includes incredible events from the dark days of WW1 and Tennessee frontier America. Great listening entertainment for the whole family!