Battle of the Flowers

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Lia Wilder, a barista with a flair for inventing specialty coffee, always enjoys the annual battle of the flowers parade held each summer in Headley Cross. All the local businesses get involved in the competition and build a float made entirely of flowers and coloured lights. Lia has a not-so-secret crush on the local Christian DJ, Jordan Tanner, so when first prize of the Miss Battle title is a date with Jordan, Lia is railroaded into entering the contest. Jordan Tanner isn’t convinced being a celebrity is a good thing. After all, he’s still single for that very reason. Even though he’s liked a girl from church for a long time, he’s afraid to ask her out for fear his status will scare her away. Can coffee and the battle of the flowers make love bloom? Or will envy and betrayal throw too many thorns onto the path of true love?