Seeds of the Abbey

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Begun in 1904 as the national theatre of Ireland, the Abbey Theatre featured the work of Lady Gregory, JM Synge, and famed poet William Butler Yeats: a home for native Irish writers writing in English and sometimes in Gaelic. The first home they had was a mortuary which they humorously referred to as "The Abbey." CART's tribute program was selected by Peggy Webber McClory from among the earliest plays written and produced by the successful Irish theatre, casting the show with Abbey Theatre alumni, including Abbey Theatre Associate Director, Vincent Dowling, as CART's guest director.

Featuring: "The Rising of the Moon" by Lady Gregory; "In the Shadow of the Glen" by JM Synge; and "The Workhouse Ward" by Lady Gregory.

Starring: James Lancaster, Helena Carroll, Baibre Dowling, Vincent Dowling, Shay Duffin, Marty Maguire, Tim Byron Owen and John Harlan.

Adapted and produced by Peggy Webber.