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Do you need to successfully write, publish, and market an eBook or novel? Are you launching a product, starting a business, or beginning new career?

'Write That Book' is the must-read kick-start for aspiring writers. Giving succinct, no-nonsense, courage, dispelling fears, and providing the tools you need to begin your writer’s life.

A walk through: the killer idea, research, word count, outline arc, characterisation, avoiding procrastination, editing, work habits, and story-structure plot-points needed for a successful, captivating manuscript.

With practical next-step publishing and marketing solutions, plus candid author anecdotes, Write That Book is an important addition to any beginner’s library. Built from over 20yrs of writing experience, less than an hours read that’ll save years of wasted time.

Whether fiction, non-fiction, a private memoire, a how-to guide, launching a business, or novel, there’s an audience out there waiting for your unique voice. Bask in the money-can’t-buy glow of self-accomplishment.

5* “Cunningham provides a pep talk and call to action that will have you inspired and motivated to get writing! There is so much for writers to take away from this helpful and inspiring guide, and I cannot recommend it highly enough!”​​​​​​​

5* "A crisp guide with easy-to-follow simple instructions for new writers to get started on their journey as an author. It helps to debunk worries and empower with feelings of self-accomplishment. A short, thorough, supportive, effective, well-written handbook, with plenty of advice, suggestions, and tools. I recommend reading in one sitting and then revising it again to make a list of action items to follow. For motivation, read it every few months to keep track of your progress and to give yourself a boost."