Greatest Radio Shows, Volume 5 Ten Classic Shows from the Golden Era of Radio

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Oasis Audio has gone into the vaults and dusted off the very earliest form of audio book, old time radio shows, for our listeners. Introduced episode by episode by Jim Engel, old time radio authority and board member of the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago, this series of classic radio shows is sure to have something for everyone. Celebrity casts and top-notch writers made the 1920s through the early 1950s, the golden era of radio. The series features seven exciting themes with 100 episodes in each. That is 700 classic radio programs in all.
Greatest Radio Shows
New to Old-time Radio? Join Oasis Audio for 100 radio shows from across all genres. Thrill to detective stories and mysteries, Dig your spurs in for some dusty trail western adventures, laugh until you cry with the kings and queens of radio comedy, sit on the edge of your seat for the greatest radio dramas. Be filled with nostalgia as you enjoy this unique collection of 100 of the all-time best radio shows.

Volume 5

  1. Frontier Gentleman 1958_10_26 The Rainmaker
  2. Gang Busters 1950s The Case of the 24-Hour Twins
  3. Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch 1950s Betty Carson’s Cattle Are Poisoned
  4. Grand Central Station 1949_12_2 Miracle for Christmas
  5. The Great Gildersleeve 1944_04_30 Engaged to Eve Goodwin
  6. The Green Hornet 1946_01_29 Escape for Revenge
  7. Gunsmoke 1953_05_09 Buffalo Hunt
  8. The Halls of Ivy 1950_05_24 Fighting Med Student
  9. Have Gun Will Travel 1959_11_22 Fair Fugitive
  10. Hopalong Cassidy 1951_03_A Jailer Named Satan