A Storm Before Dawn

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"All's fair in love and war." That's what they say. I intend to find out . . .

Sh*t has hit the fan and splattered all over the walls. One of my guys is lost in the wilderness and my bestie is a shell of her former self. The threat of war looms heavy over Briarwitch Academy like a rolling fog—we don't know when it will come, only that it's inevitable.

I've been tasked with heavy responsibilities, such as helping to raise an army to combat my nemesis; striking an unbreakable pact with the shifty Seelie fae; bringing my werewolf lover boy home.

The fight of my life is coming. I have to be ready to battle my own fears and insecurities and make a stand. The fate of the academy, my second home, is on the line. Briarwitch has taught me so much—I can't let it fall! At least I know I'll have my guys by my side.

Can I bring myself to become That Bitch, like I was always meant to be?


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