Hook: Death Wish Death Wish

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A pirate fantasy & fairy tale retelling for readers who love adventure on the high seas.

Pish. Pillagin', drinkin', and wenchin' are a pirate's callings, but don't steal from dwarves—they hate the competition.

Pirate life aside, all I have ever wanted was a safe place for the Lost Boys I rescued. Ambition may have led me to overstep my bounds. When my theft was discovered, the dwarves launch a devastating sneak attack against my island nation home.

This time, I've started a war. What can I say? I regret getting caught.

I stand ready to fight for my people, but the odds are grim. Hunting submarines with a sailing ship is a new one even for me. Guess I’ll be making this up as I go. Should I fail, those bastards will murder everyone, including the children.

Captain Hook


"What a great surprise this gem turned out to be…" Goodreads review

"A pirate’s view of Neverland - it is unique, shedding light on Peter Pan’s escapades. Rescues filled with feats of derring-do show the audacity of Captain Hook. She’s bold, determined, and has a softer heart than you might imagine for a pirate. Her crew is a fascinating mix of odd characters that you’ll love getting to know. The author has a lyrical way of weaving words together that brings each scene to living color. I love it!" Goodreads review

"...a great action-packed start to the series!" Goodreads review


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