A Murder at Morlock A St. Clair Mystery

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The gloomy Morlock estate is on the cusp of a sale—but the house inspection goes far from smoothly. As more and more visitors, planned and unplanned, arrive, it becomes increasingly clear: everyone is hiding something. And one of those secrets is deadly.


Widower Daniel Bauer has a secret—one that he won’t need to keep much longer, if only he can get through the house inspection that day.

Real estate agent Suzy Chung is desperate to manage her unruly client Daniel. He refuses to leave the house for the inspection, for reasons she can’t identify. Daniel is her first client—if the listing falls through, her fresh start in the well-to-do town of St. Clair will be compromised…and Suzy cannot afford to let that happen.

Antonia and George Butters are an irascible middle-aged married couple set on buying Daniel’s house. But the arrival of a second family, the Haynes, claiming they set up a showing that day through Suzy, sets them on edge. It doesn’t help that the Butters’ real estate agent, Jack Randall, has been acting fishy ever since he arrived, or that the young house inspector named Teddy grows jumpier the more people show up. Not to mention the sudden arrival of two contractors, claiming they’re supposed to give Antonia Butters a quote, even though a quote seems like the last thing on their minds.

A tornado warning sends the group fleeing to the basement. When the lights go off, tensions grow high and trees tumble down, trapping the group inside. 

And when the lights come on, someone among them has been murdered.

A MURDER AT MORLOCK is a standalone St. Clair mystery novel. Other St. Clair mysteries include: 



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