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At Jonesville High, casual misogyny runs rampant, slut-shaming is a given, and school athletes are glorified above all else. Best friends Suze, Nikki, Ani, and Lydia swear theyll always have each others backs against predatory guysso when Suze suddenly starts dating wrestling star and toxic douchebag Tarkin Shaw, its a big betrayal. Turns out, its not a relationship?its blackmail. At first, Suze feels like she has no choice but to go along with it, but when Tarkin starts demanding more, she enlists the help of intelligent misfits DeShawn and Marcus to beat Tarkin at his own game. As Marcus points out, what could possibly go wrong? The answer: everything. And by the time the teens realize theyre fighting against forces much bigger than the Tarkin Shaws of the world, losing isnt an option.


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