Knock Out Networking for Financial Advisors and Other Sales Producers More Prospects, More Referrals, More Business

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Almost 90% of financial advisors fail at being financial advisors. Why? Because advisors, brokers, reps, and agents need to see more people to make more sales appointments. And nobody in their firm, agency, branch, or shop trains them how! As a financial advisor (or other type of sales producer) how can you attract more prospects to your pipeline?

Knockout Networking for Financial Advisors and Other Sales Producers will be your guide. Author Michael Goldberg is a networking specialist, speaker, trainer, author (and boxer!) focused on helping financial advisors, brokers, agents, reps, wholesalers, and other sales producers grow their business or practice through networking.

This audiobook covers everything you need to know about going to the right places, saying the right things, and meeting the right people—absolutely mandatory for a financial advisor or sales producer that's serious about making more and better connections! In this must-listen audiobook, you will learn how to: confidently meet and greet new people in business settings; further define Target Market to establish more and better connections; deliver a knockout elevator speech (not a script!); generate more prospects and referrals from your current client base; and establish important relationships, generating more business opportunities.


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