Reiki and Your Intuition A Union of Healing and Wisdom

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More than just another Reiki book, Reiki and Your Intuition: A Union of Healing and Wisdom is a step-by-step process for exploring your intuition, your heart, and your soul as Reiki touches your life, enters your experience, and becomes a part of who you are.

This manual will assist you, as a practitioner or a teacher, in understanding all the strange and sometimes weird and scary intuitive perceptions that Reiki opens you up to. Using a clear and knowledgeable framework presented in this book, prepare to become a better healing vessel as you discover the beautiful union between healing and intuitive wisdom.

Within the covers of this book, you will . . .

• Find spaces to privately document your heightened awareness.
• Realize what intuition truly is and the keys to being a successful intuitive Reiki practitioner.
• Learn that your intuition is awakened by the Reiki attunements.
• Begin to utilize all the intuitive pathways to assist others and yourself.>br>• Learn that thoughts and emotions are a vital key to illness, suffering, and wellness.
• Find out why empaths suffer and what to do to help yourself and others.
• Protect yourself in a new way.
• Create a sacred union with intuition and the wisdom of Reiki.