Kobe Bryant The Inspirational Story of One of the Greatest Basketball Players of All Time!

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Kobe lives and breathes basketball. While other basketball legends fade into obscurity after retirement, Kobe is out there pursuing new endeavors and building a business empire. It's a testament to his relentless thirst for knowledge and never-ending quest to be better.

This book is a front row ticket to Kobe's journey through life as he reveals how he used the Mamba Mentality as a blueprint to his success, whether on-court or off-court. 

An insight into how his mind works offers an opportunity to replicate his success and achievements. It teaches about the value of hard work and commitment to the craft. Kobe's rise to greatness is an inspiration to a new generation of young people who dream of making it big in their chosen fields.

Here's a sneak preview of what's inside of this book:

Who is Kobe Bryant

His Work Ethic

The Famous "Mamba Mentality" and what this is all about

Basketball Muses

His Feuds and Controversies

Kobe, The Storyteller

Kobe the entrepreneur: Kobe, Inc. 

What's in The Future for Kobe

Life-Changing Lessons from the Black Mamba

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