The Will to Die A Novel of Suspense

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When Will Pollitt returns home for his father’s funeral, he discovers a string of similar deaths — and his family’s connection to a shocking conspiracy.

“A roller-coaster ride from beginning to end.” – New York Times bestselling author Jay Baer

“A top-shelf crime thriller.” –

“I didn’t want to stop.” – Mystery Suspense Reviews

Gambling tore my marriage and family apart. All I have left is my marketing agency and my friend and business partner Robbie. He drinks too much.

If we don’t win this deal, a whole lotta bad is going to happen.

But I just found out my dad died. And his friends are dropping like flies! Sleepy Sandusky, Ohio is hiding a deep, dark secret.

I think everyone is in on it. But am I the one that’s crazy? Some people are trying to kill me! Am I going insane…or am I about to die?

"Joe Pulizzi hits it out of the park with The Will to Die." – IndieReader (IR Approved)


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