Empath Spiritual Healing and Survival Guide for Sensitive People

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Learn to deal with your special, divinely given traits of extraordinary empathy.

In a world of self-absorbed individuals, socially impaired ignoramuses, and annoying distractions in busy lives, we need empaths. The empath clearly senses and empathizes with other individuals more easily. He or she can feel in a distinct way how others feel and adjust conversations, behavior, and actions accordingly. With so many people lacking empathy, civilization as we know it will thrive on these empathic heroes and heroines to keep healthy human relationships intact. In this guide, you will discover hidden treasures about:

  • The powerful, refined nature of empaths as well as recognizable signs of such individuals
  • Special abilities in adults, children, teens, and babies that mark someone as an empath
  • How an empath can shield and protect his or her energy by using spiritual tools
  • Pitfalls to circumvent for empaths, and struggles they may experience
  • Methods for handling anxiety, and turning an empath’s gift into something beneficial
  • Love, relationships, and intimacy for empaths
  • Avoiding narcissists, sociopaths, and other leeches that can drain you, whether that is intentional or unintentional
  • The best ways to embrace your gift and feeling happiness and fulfillment by acknowledging your transcendent nature

Empaths are vital to our survival, and when they find out how their mind and spirit works, they, and others, can greatly benefit from their uniquely appointed mission in life by divine authority. Learn more and glory in the talents and gifts you’ve received by listening to this audiobook.


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