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Katya feeling stuck in a boring marriage, decides to look for some excitement. She signs up for a chat site and there she meets Gloria. Initially she had no Idea that Gloria was a woman and when she finds out she doesn’t want anything to do with her.

Gloria however, manages to convince her to give her a chance, excited at the prospect of breaking Katya in and introducing her to lesbianism. Katya obliges mostly out of curiosity. Being a stay at home mom and full time housewife, Katya just couldn’t get the time for an intimate meeting with Gloria.

An opportunity presents itself when her grandmother residing in another town falls ill forcing Katya to travel there to visit. She leaves with Gloria without the knowledge of her husband.

There, Katya gets the chance to explore and experience lovemaking with a fellow woman. They make love over and over again and much to Gloria’s surprise, Katya has some tricks up her own sleeves to make their sexual encounter explosive.