Teresa of Avila, Teach Us to Pray A Catholic Model for Prayer, Reflection and Spiritual Growth

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Join world-renowned Carmelite scholar Professor Keith Egan as he guides you through the powerful teachings of the wise mystic Teresa of Avila.

Great Saint Teresa, the Spanish Carmelite of the 16th century, captured the imagination of those seeking God in her own time and beyond. It’s no surprise that she was quickly canonized and, in 1970, became the first woman Doctor of the Church.

Through these 12 edifying audio lectures, you’ll understand why her teachings remain transformational today.

Prof. Egan will carefully guide you through Teresa’s teaching about prayer—ordinary and mystical—meditation, and contemplation. Through these 12 graceful talks, you will come to more fully understand prayer as Teresa did, as an “exercise in love.”

Teresa of Jesus, as she was known, was a stunning storyteller whose profound books share her innermost struggles to grow in prayer and contemplation. Now you can encounter Teresa and her moving words with grace and understanding.

From this unique series, you’ll come to know the life, ideas, and mysticism of this extraordinary saint and great teacher of prayer. Teresa’s wisdom will stir your heart and intensify your desire for God’s lavish love.

Walk with Teresa as she shares her story of prayer.

This course is part of the Learn25 collection and includes a free PDF study guide.