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  • #074 Cash Capasity

    21/12/2018 Duration: 01min

    Hey money makers! Today I wanted to share with you how to calculate your cash capacity in your business. This can be a really useful matric. First of all you need to know what what the balance in your bank account is up to date. What is your current account balance? Then you’ll need to know what your accounts payable total is (what you owe to others) and what your payroll requirements are over the next 60-days. What you do is take the cash in the bank and divide it by your accounts payable and payroll due for the next 60-days and that will give you a number. If the number is between 1 and 3 the business is healthy in terms of cash. If you get a negative number like -1 your business is not so cash healthy. If you’re higher than 3 then it’s bloated in terms of cash. If you’re below 1 then you need to look at a cash management strategy to bring that back into a healthier position. Join in the movement at:

  • #075 Are you excited?

    21/12/2018 Duration: 55s

    Hey Money Makers! Today I want to speak about how to know what opportunities to go for in your business. Now if you have opportunities that present themselves or potential clients in your business and you are not so excited that you want to run and call your best friend or partner. Then you might want to have a quick check as to whether that opportunity is right for you. Is that actually going to be pushing you forward, is it going to be financially profitable, emotionally profitable for you in your business if you do not have that type of reaction? Think twice when a new opportunity presents itself. Join in the movement at:

  • #073 Every business is a family business.

    20/12/2018 Duration: 33s

    Hey Money Makers, every business is a family business because every business either takes or gives to you either gives money, time and energy or takes time, takes money and/or takes energy. So, watch how you are building your business and how you want it to interact with your your family and make sure that your business is delivering to your family what you are wanting to deliver. Join in the movement at:

  • #072 Focus on outcomes and not just the dos

    19/12/2018 Duration: 01min

    Hey Money Makers, Now those people that are the highest performers in their area (business or sport etc.) they focus on outcomes rather than to dos. Because the problem is if we focus on a to do we’re always failing because as a business owner our to do list is so incredibly long that by the end of the day we don’t manage to finish it. That is how I felt when focusing on to dos. So try switching it up! Focus on the outcomes that you are wanting to achieve. Then think about the outcomes you need to achieve in order to get you to your vision rather than focusing on those to dos and not achieving your desired outcome. Join in the movement at:

  • #071 Focus on the glass being half full

    18/12/2018 Duration: 36s

    Hey Money Makers, and today's top tip is focus on the glass being half full! Even in bad situations if we can exploit the benefits of those then it makes life and business so much easier. Of course, bad things are going to happen in our business because that is life and life isn't always rosie! But if we can take the good stuff out of the bad stuff that happens then that is going to progress your learning, make your life easier and progress your business going forward as well. So let’s think of the glass half full! Join in the movement at:

  • #070 Knowing where to invest in your business.

    17/12/2018 Duration: 48s

    Before you invest anymore money in your business you need to get really clear on your vision, and you need to understand where you want your business to get too, and where you are now in order to know where to put that investment. Too many times I see business owners reinvesting money in their business just because it’s the new next best shiny course that’s just come out online because they like the guru selling it. So, be really clear on your businesses vision and where you are now and then you’ll know where to invest your money effectively without getting sidetracked by that shiny new course just coming out. Join in the movement at:

  • #069 Learn How Money Works

    16/12/2018 Duration: 30s

    Hey Money Makers, we don’t get taught about money in school so what this means for you as an entrepreneur is that you need to be learning about: → How money works, and what to do with it when you have it in business. → You need to understand how cash flows in and out of your business to ensure long term financial success. Take care. Join in the movement at:

  • #068 Not Everyone Will Like YOU

    15/12/2018 Duration: 54s

    Hey Money Makers! I wanted to share a tip with you today which is: When running online businesses we need to get over the fact that not everyone will like us and this might be hard for some personality types because we naturally want everyone to like us. In the offline world you might meet people that don’t like you and it’s the same with the online world too...everyone that you come across might not like you and quite frankly you might not like them either and that’s ok. We can still be visible, we can still be out there sharing our message with the world, and helping our clients and prospects in the way that we want because we know we’re helping those that do like us and that is what matters most. Join in the movement at:

  • #067 On or In - Strategy v Doing - True CEO.

    14/12/2018 Duration: 01min

    Hey Money Makers, if you’ve been in the online world for any length of time you would have heard that difference between working on or in your business. But if we want to step into a true CEO role within our business and actually step up into that position then we need to move to having that strategy, that working on your business piece as the vast vast majority of our working week having other team members doing the doing piece, the working in your business. Have a look at your week, look at how you have structured it, and see where are you on that scale of moving towards spending the majority of your time working on your business having others work in the business doing the work and getting the client stuff done. Evaluate your week, and are you where you want it to be? Are you moving into that CEO role if that is what you want or are you sticking in the business, doing the work within your business? Which is completely fine if that’s the role you want to take but it’s all about being aware and c

  • #066 Quick money leak reminder!

    13/12/2018 Duration: 38s

    My quick tip for today is one that you may have heard or read before if you're following my content but here it is because it's worth reiterating. I want you to check your business bank and credit card statements for the last 12 months and I want you to go through those expenses line by line and ask yourself two questions: Is this expense necessary to keep the lights on in my business; can I operate without it? Is this expense delivering me a positive return on my investment. If the answer to the above questions is ‘No’ then you have found a money leaks in your business and you need to get rid of it. Join in the movement at:

  • #065 Raising your prices and increasing your clients.

    12/12/2018 Duration: 01min

    Today, I want to speak about raising your prices because I often hear from people that they have got to that point where they are really busy with their clients but they don't know where to go with everything and the answer is ‘raise your prices’. Now, you might be thinking ‘That's all well and good Annette but I'm going to lose clients or I'm not going to get anymore clients if I raise my prices’. Well, the interesting piece of information is…there have been studies wish has shown that when a business raises their prices they actually have an increase in the number of people that want to work with them. And the main reason behind this is that as human beings most of us believe you get what you pay for and if your pricing is too low you will have people assuming that your product or service is a bit crappy. So, by raising your pricing your elevating that you get what you pay for in people's minds and people are more likely to come to you as a result. Try not to be scared to raise your pricing partia

  • #064 Reflect on your Achievements

    11/12/2018 Duration: 37s

    Today I want you to think and reflect on how far you've come in business. It can be so easy for us to keep striving to reach the next goal, to reach the next place, and do the next thing. Sometimes we forget to take a moment and think what we've achieved, learnt and done in the last week, month, quarter and/or in the last year. So, take some time and think what have you achieved? Give yourself that pat on the back you sometimes might forget to give yourselves. Join in the movement at:

  • #063 Research your Limiting Beliefs.

    10/12/2018 Duration: 30s

    This one is for those of you that have some limiting beliefs. What I urge you to do is to research the crap out of your limiting belief. Research it as much as you possibly can and by the time you have gathered all that information on that limiting belief… it's probably quashed. So research as much as you can and you'd probably disprove it. Take care everyone. Join in the movement at:

  • #062 Schedule it and save time!

    09/12/2018 Duration: 50s

    Hey Money Makers, Today's tip is about finding time to do those things in your business that you are not managing to find time for just now. It's all about scheduling. It's all about getting blocks of time in your calendar each week to do those things you say you want to do that might be writing a blog, writing a book, it might be doing a course. Whatever that is, schedule time every single week or every day however long you need in terms of when the deliverable is...and make sure you stick to that time. Treat it like you would a meeting with a client or customer. Protect that time and do the task in that time and before you know it whatever it is you keep meaning to get done would be done. Join in the movement at:

  • #061 Simplify Business and your Life

    08/12/2018 Duration: 38s

    Hey everyone, my quick tip for today is to simplify. Too many people are way over complicating their businesses particularly in the early stages and actually by simplifying your business can make a massive difference in terms of your revenue and your profit. Instead of thinking about how you can add and add and add to your business - have a think today about how you can simplify because not only will it simplify your life, it will simplify your message within the marketplace as well. Join in the movement at:

  • #060 Spending Time on What Matters

    07/12/2018 Duration: 01min

    If you are one of those people that feels like you are never getting enough done, and you are not achieving what you are wanting to achieve, and are generally feeling a bit ‘Meh’ I have this task for you. What I want you to do is write down your top 5 priorities that you have in your life. That might be family, health your business and write those down in order. Then I want you to go back though your calendar, through the last 30-days and see if you are allocating your time in accordance with those priorities. If you are not currently allocating your time in accordance with those priorities that probably why you are feeling a bit crappy about the time you are spending doing things and not achieving the things in life you are wanting to achieve. Therefore what you need to do is take action and move yourselves towards a place where you are spending your time doing those things that are of the highest priority to you and letting other things slip by the wayside. Join in the movement at: https://www.fac

  • #059: Under £100k focus on 1 revenue stream

    06/12/2018 Duration: 01min

    If your business is generating under 100k a year in revenue then I urge to only focus on one revenue stream in your business. What I see too often is entrepreneurs spreading themselves too thinly and are trying to have multiple streams of revenue feeling that that is the way for them to reach that 100k mark. But actually what happens is they end up spreading themselves way too thin and are trying to promote too many things on their own (because there is no team at that level) and they end up not managing to focus on one key thing in the right way in order to get it to where they want it to be. So yes, once you get it past 100k you can add a second revenue stream for example but when under that 100k level I highly highly urge to you to stick to one revenue stream so that you grow that stream to where you want to be much faster! Join in the movement at:

  • #058 Watch and Observe in Business

    05/12/2018 Duration: 45s

    My tip for you today is to observe! If you've seen somebody who has done an awesome launch just go back watch how they did it. If you see somebody that has created and is running a kick-ass, highly engaged Facebook Group and you want similar results then go back and look at how they are doing it. Just watch and observe! We can learn so much in our online businesses by just watching and observing other online entrepreneurs and we can take in so much, and learn so much for our own businesses. So, I urge you today to just watch, keep your eyes open and observe the things you might want to emulate in your business. Join in the movement at:

  • #057 Your work does not equal your worth!

    04/12/2018 Duration: 44s

    Today I wanted to talk to you about your work and how that does not equal your worth! Your business and its success (whether you deem it successful or not) does not reflect on how much you are worth because you are enough, you are awesome the way you are and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t let the way your business is now reflect in any way the person that you are, the wonderful entrepreneur that you are, you are worth huge amounts and it is not reflective in your bank balance or your profit and loss account. Join in the movement at:

  • #056 Presenting proposals high to low

    15/11/2018 Duration: 53s

    If you are in a business where you send proposals to client and your proposals has different options, pricing and service levels then the best way to present that is to have the most expensive option first going down to the least expensive. If you do that, physiology it is great from a client perspective because if they cannot afford the most expensive then they have a cheaper one to fall back on. If you present the cheapest first that may appear more expensive in comparison. This would enable more of your prospects to reach for those higher prices packages or services. Join in the movement at:

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