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Looking to simplify, automate, or leverage your life and business quickly? Tune in as host Yong Pratt, Creator of the In a Weekend Series of Classes shares actionable tips, strategies, and success stories to help you get more done in less time. What will YOU create In a Weekend?


  • Packaging up your Superpowers with a Podcast

    Packaging up your Superpowers with a Podcast

    17/01/2020 Duration: 09min


  • Unleashing Your Superpowers

    Unleashing Your Superpowers

    10/01/2020 Duration: 14min


  • Whats your word for 2020?

    What's your word for 2020?

    03/01/2020 Duration: 16min


  • Whats Your Harvest Strategy

    What's Your Harvest Strategy

    26/12/2019 Duration: 09min

    [0:02] Do you make it a point to celebrate your wins intentionally? [0:08] Most business owners don’t. They hit their goal and move on quickly to the next one. [0:21] Today’s strategy is an intentional way you can use to get the most out of celebrating those wins and acknowledging your accomplishments [1:05] How a recent conversation following Yong’s monthly interviews with Hani Mourra sparked the topic of today’s strategy  [3:25] How learning to systematize her business led to the creation of Harvest Strategies within her business[3:55] What a harvest strategy is and some examples   [4:49] How planning out your own harvest strategy as part of your goal setting and planning process can make all the difference   [6:13] Today’s strategy goes hand in hand with Episode #251: How much time can you save by planning? Along with Yong’s upcoming workshop: 1-2-3: A Podcast for Me Workshop. Save your seat at  [6:32] Why a harvest

  • How much time could you save by planning?

    How much time could you save by planning?

    21/12/2019 Duration: 25min

    [0:02] How much time are you budgeting for planning out your day, your week, your month or even your years?[0:12] How much time to spend on your podcast plan and strategy? [0:30] Today, Yong’s sharing 4 types of planning you need for your business and podcast, why they’re important, and examples of each one.   [0:57] At the end of the episode, Yong’s going to share something special she’s been working on to help YOU take what you'll learn today to plan out your first or next quarter of your podcast. [1:54] Have you mapped out your 2020 podcast or business plan? [2:32] One of Yong’s super powers happens to be strategy and planning. [3:01] A myth about planning that Yong bought into for years. Do you?  [3:32] The truth Yong discovered by becoming a planner [4:03] If you're listening to this podcast on the go, make sure to bookmark it or save it so you can come back again and work through all of the exercises and the ideas. Deal?[4:26] Brian Tracy, inte

  • Its time to bust this big fat LIE!

    It's time to bust this big fat LIE!

    06/12/2019 Duration: 11min

    [0:05] Has someone ever told you that something you're about to do is going to be hard or that you have to work hard to accomplish, X Y or Z?[0:17] That's the lie we're going to address today here on episode #250 of the In a Weekend Podcast.[0:58] Have you ever been told something is going to be hard? Let me know below in the COMMENTS [1:15] Examples of the lies Yong heard growing up which she’s since learned are LIES...  [1:51] Podcasting is made out to be so dang hard (and confusing)’s time to bust that lie and start podcasting the EASY way  [2:14] What you DON’T need to buy at the beginning of your podcasting journey  [2:45] You can start a podcast with what you ALREADY have [3:23] You don’t have to have all.the.things figured out BEFORE you start your podcast[4:01] Learn how to podcast the EASY way inside of Podcast in a Weekend  [4:57] Will you beat one of our star student’s fastest time of 4 hours to launch your podcast?  [5:40]

  • A Podcast Feast For You

    A Podcast Feast For You

    28/11/2019 Duration: 11min

    [0:50] Welcome to this calorie-free podcast feast for Thanksgiving! Here are 10 episodes with you that can help you on your podcasting journey. [1:28] Doors to Podcast in a Weekend are open for the final time this decade, and this will be the final time that Podcast in a Weekend is being offered at this current price, which is just 397. Save your seat now[2:44] #1: Episode 237, Are you pod-crastinating? [3:08] #2: Episode 238, You as Podcaster. [3:29] #3: Episode 239, The Advantage of Live Video for Podcasters. [4:14] #4: Episode 240, Start your podcast with what you already have. [5:05] #5: Episode 241: Variety is the spice in your podcasting life, Part 1  [5:42] #6: Episode 242: Variety is the spice in your podcasting life, Part 2  [6:13] #7: Episode 243: Variety is the spice in your podcasting life, Part 3  [6:52] #8: Episode 244: Variety is the spice in your podcasting life, Part 4  [7:48] #9: Episode 247, What Legacy do you w

  • Theres still time to launch your podcast THIS decade!

    There's still time to launch your podcast THIS decade!

    21/11/2019 Duration: 16min

    [0:05] It's the end of the decade as we know it and I feel fine...I don't know about you but I definitely want to end the year, feeling more than, fine.[1:32] Have you thought about how you want to wrap up this year?[1:59] Do you slow down when it gets close to the end of the year? [2:05] Let’s make a pact to not slow down as the year comes to a close. Let’s celebrate YOUR podcast as we raise our glasses on New Year’s Eve.  [2:55] With only five weeks left in the year, is there still time to launch your podcast?[3:03] It’s time to stop waiting to launch your podcast!  [3:55] Why women often put off their dreams of starting a podcast.   [4:32] How a podcast can help you craft your legacy  [5:26] For the final time this year, the final time this decade, the doors to Podcast in a Weekend are officially open. Save your seat at [5:50] Why most Black Friday/Cyber Monday won’t be as impactful as Podcast in a Weekend  

  • What legacy do you want to leave?

    What legacy do you want to leave?

    15/11/2019 Duration: 08min

    [0:04] Yesterday, on my weekly Wednesday live on Facebook, I asked you the question, "What legacy Do you want to leave?"[0:13] Legacy isn’t something that most of us think about all that often. [0:27] It’s time to think beyond goals and think legacy...are you ready? [1:21] If you're just starting out on your podcasting journey, grab Yong’s free guide: 11 Stunningly Simple Secrets to Launch your Podcast Today at  [1:56] Podcast planning and philosophical questions  [2:08] Is it worth it? [2:30] Am I making a difference? [2:52] Am I helping enough people with my gifts and knowledge? PLUS Yong’s public declaration for the next year. [3:36] After philosophy comes practicality and questions to ponder as the year comes to a close:[3:49] Did I meet my goals? [3:51] What new goals do I want to set in the new year? [3:55} What can I do with the remaining days and weeks to meet any unmet goals, or even surpass them? [4:02] All the questio

  • Increasing your visibility with podcast guesting

    Increasing your visibility with podcast guesting

    08/11/2019 Duration: 29min

    [0:03] If you've ever thought about being a guest on someone else's podcast but weren't sure how to begin, or whether or not it was advantageous for you and your business, stick around.[0:43] Today we are talking about being on the other side of the mic as a guest. Before that, Yong shares a few stories of the Gremlins that have appeared since week’s episode,“What to do when the gremlins come and play.” [1:47] The Gremlins that came to play when Yong and Angie sat down to record this episode. to share worked incredibly well for us and resulted in today's amazing podcast interview. [2:18] What to take away from the Gremlin stories [4:10] Today’s Guest: Angie Trueblood is a podcast visibility expert who fiercely believes in the power of women, stepping more fully into their gifts[5:21] What is Visibility? Angie shares her definition as it relates to podcast guesting and in her own client work[6:32] The when, why, and goals of visibility for business owners and how Angie works with her clients[9:0

  • What to do when the gremlins arrive

    What to do when the gremlins arrive

    31/10/2019 Duration: 12min

    [0:03] When it comes to technology, it's inevitable that Gremlins will come out and play. Today we're going to dive into strategies you can put into place right away whenever those Gremlins come to play.[1:06] Happy Halloween, and welcome to episode number 245 of the In a Weekend Podcast. I'm your host, Yong Pratt, and I help female business owners launch their podcasts in as little as a weekend by repurposing the content they're already creating, so that they can grow their audiences, expand their reach, and gain more new clients. [1:32] The inspiration for today’s podcast episode  [2:05] See examples of artwork Yong’s youngest daughter, Daphne, has created for the podcast  www.yong  [2:38] Why including your kiddos in your business might just be what you and your business need[3:07] You may need your sleuthing hat on to discover what gifts and talents your kiddos have and how they can contribute to your business   [3:40] Today’s episode has 3 scenarios o

  • Variety is the spice in your podcasting life Part 4

    Variety is the spice in your podcasting life Part 4

    25/10/2019 Duration: 26min

    [0:02] Welcome to part #4 - the finale - in our miniseries "Variety is the spice up your podcasting life." Today we’re diving into another spice - how you want to record your podcast.. [3:39] Yong welcomes Nicole Thompson, host of the Build Your Wealth Podcast, and graduate of Podcast in a Weekend to today’s live podcast recording   [3:50] Nicole’s podcasting story and how long she had a podcast on her wishlist[5:03] A story Yong hears all the time about when people are researching podcasting  [5:33] Why Nicole purchased Podcast in a Weekend even though she had just spend big $$$ on another podcasting course  [7:23] Find out how quickly Nicole launched her podcast with Podcast in a Weekend even though she was completely skeptical of being able to launch in a weekend [7:41] How Podcast in a Weekend is structured to help even the busiest of moms and business owners launch fast without all the fluff   [8:38] Find out how Nicole was feeling as she got closer

  • Variety is the spice in your podcasting life Part 3

    Variety is the spice in your podcasting life Part 3

    22/10/2019 Duration: 07min

    [0:03] Today's episode is being brought to you by Podcast in a Weekend. Save your seat at  [0:25] Starting a podcast doesn't have to take years, months, or even weeks. You can literally go from zero to podcast THIS weekend, October 25 through 27, 2019.[0:50] What you get when you save your seat today in Podcast in a Weekend at  [1:26] Today's spice - frequency or how often will you publish your podcast episodes. [2:05] What's your frequency? [2:07] You get to decide how often you'll release episodes to your listener based on a number of factors like goals, audience, and commitments on your calendar. [2:30] The BIGGEST myth Yong hears about podcasting  [2:54] How am I ever going to squeeze one more thing into my already packed schedule?[3:17] Yong’s here to help make sure your life is easier and more simple by focusing on doing less.[3:42] A podcast doesn't have to be one more thing on your

  • Variety is the spice in your podcasting life Part 2

    Variety is the spice in your podcasting life Part 2

    22/10/2019 Duration: 07min

    [0:03] Today's episode is being brought to you by my Podcasting Foundations Workbook. [0:30] This workbook will guide you through the most important foundational pieces of your podcast. Grab the workbook while there's still time at and lock in special saving for Podcast in a Weekend October 25-27, 2019.[1:36] Today, we're adding complexity with a new spice - your audience. [1:44] Knowing who you'll be talking to before launching your podcast or recording that first episode will go a long way in helping you craft a show that serves your audience. [2:31] There are lots of terms that have been used to describe who you're targeting or who you want to talk to with the message of your podcast. [2:58] No matter what you call it, identifying your particular audience will go a very long way in helping you reach more of the right people. [3:21] Over the years, Yong’s ideal customer has changed tremendously, especially since coming into this online space just a few years ag

  • Variety is the spice in your podcasting life Part 1

    Variety is the spice in your podcasting life Part 1

    18/10/2019 Duration: 13min

    [0:02] Have you ever found a recipe that you loved, and then modified over time? Maybe you needed to halve or double the recipe. Perhaps you had to substitute ingredients because you didn't have the ones required on hand. It could be that over time you added in your own personal touches. A dash more of this. A pitch less of that. [0:29] The same is true for your podcast. The recipe you use when you start your podcast may change over time to suit the needs of your listeners as well as yours as hostess.[0:48] We're spicing things up today and in the upcoming three episodes of the podcast with a brand new miniseries. We'll be diving into in many ingredients or 'spices' you'll need, and you'll get to make some choices so that you can build a strong foundation for your podcast. [1:12] To get the most out of this miniseries and craft your forthcoming podcast, grab Yong’s Podcasting Foundations Workbook for just $9 at [1:34] This is the first time this workboo

  • Start your podcast with what you already have

    Start your podcast with what you already have

    10/10/2019 Duration: 06min

    [0:03] Live video. [0:05] If you aren't already part of our Super 7 live Streaming Video Challenge, what are you waiting for? We may have kicked off the challenge on Monday the seventh, but if you hop in today, you still have time to get all the help and strategies that you need to start using live video confidently and consistently. All you have to do is head to . [0:47] Start with what you have. It's a simple enough statement yet one that doesn't always provide the comfort we're seeking, especially when it comes to launching your very own podcast. [1:03] When it comes to doing things that push us outside our comfort zone, it's all too easy to take a look at external circumstances and decide we don't have the right tools or resources to get started. [1:43] 3 examples of what starting with what you have may look like for you today  [3:11] Why Yong chose NOT to even look at any new mics at Podcast Movement [3:50] Find out which mic Yong has been using si

  • BONUS - The advantage of live video for podcasters

    BONUS - The advantage of live video for podcasters

    07/10/2019 Duration: 09min

    [0:03] Make sure you didn't miss out on the Super 7 live streaming video challenge. We just kicked off today, Monday, October 7th and there is still time to save your seat for free. Just head to [0:39] What the Buggles song, ”Video Killed the Radio Star” has to do with you and your podcast.  [1:00] Video is an incredible tool for podcasters, especially when done correctly, and strategically. [1:36] Does the thought of creating audio content for your podcast excite you? [1:46]'re sitting in your office, talking into your microphone, sharing what you know with your listeners, helping them on their journey. [1:59] No eyeballs. No comments to manage. No one watching. [2:06] Recording, re-recording again and again until hours pass[2:31] Yong quit podcasting after just 39 episodes of the Raising smART Kids Podcast[2:59] May 16, 2014 - the day the final episode aired - listen to the full story of Yong’s first podcast at &

  • You as Podcaster

    You as Podcaster

    03/10/2019 Duration: 12min

    [0:03] Don’t miss the Super 7 Live Streaming Video Challenge starting Oct 7, 2019. Save your seat at [0:50] So, you want to start a podcast, what's holding you back?[0:59] The time podcasting will take away from other projects or even from your family? [1:10] Overwhelmed with the tech?[1:17] Not sure you have enough to share on your own podcast? [2:00] If you're listening to this podcast on the go, make sure you save it, and re-listen and take action on the exercises [2:15] This episode is all about gaining clarity on the reasons why you want to become a podcaster.[2:23] Yong takes you back to 2013 and shares the story of her first podcast[3:11] Yong’s Reason for starting a podcast #1[3:32] Yong’s Reason for starting a podcast #2[3:43] Yong’s Reason for starting a podcast #3  [4:24] What are three reasons why you want to start a podcast?[4:37] Examples of reasons why people start podcasts  [5:10] Set aside time today to work through these

  • Are you pod-crastinating?

    Are you pod-crastinating?

    26/09/2019 Duration: 11min

    [0:04] Podcasting. You've thought about, perhaps even for years. You view it as a medium you can actually do and help others in the process. The idea of being a podcaster excites you, yet something stops you from moving forward and making your podcast a reality. You, my friend, are pod-crastinating. In this episode, I'll share where I first learned this term, how to discover if you're experiencing it, and how to overcome pod-crastinating.[1:14] Before we dive into pod-crastinating, let’s chat about procrastinating. [1:34] Exhaustion and burnout as a result of procrastinating[2:58] Why do we do it? Why do we procrastinate, making things harder for ourselves? [3:07] Find out where Yong first learned the term Pod-crastinating  [4:45] Podcasting now is all about having a clear strategy, being super-efficient, and hyper-focused on maximizing the work, I am already doing.  [5:35] Yong’s fav software that helps her auto-magically create MORE content without more work. [6:45] Y

  • Are you afraid or are you a fraud?

    Are you afraid or are you a fraud?

    19/09/2019 Duration: 11min

    Head over to and chat about being afraid or a fraud.[0:01] Are you afraid or are you a fraud? That is the question we are diving into today, here on episode number 236 of the In a Weekend Podcast. You’ll learn where the idea for today’s podcast came from, a personal story, plus 3 actionable tips. [0:50] Your heart is racing. Your mouth gets dry your hands, they shake uncontrollably. And all you want to do is flee the scene. This, my friends, is fear. It's your fight or flight mechanism at work. It's meant to keep you safe and out of harm's way. Yet sometimes fear stops us or more correctly, we let fear stop us from moving forward on our big dreams. [1:31] Welcome to the in a weekend podcast. I'm your host, Yong Pratt. And this podcast is for you, my fellow dreamers, my fellow podcasters to make your podcasting journey easier and faster than you thought possible. [1:50] Get the backstory on today’s podcast topic and who inspired this episode[3:28] Yong’s story of feeli

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