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TIC TALKS is all about sport, inclusion and human rights. TIC (The Inclusion Club) interviews leading world practitioners in the field of sport and recreation, with a focus on the inclusion of people with disability in sport and active recreation programs. Learn about new programs, new ways of thinking and new approaches to inclusion issues. We also look at the similarities of inclusion across targeted populations, including Indigenous people, people from different cultural backgrounds and women.


  • TIC22: Doug Williamson

    09/03/2015 Duration: 14min

    Doug Williamson is the founder, creator and overall inspiration behind Sports Ability, an inclusive games concept that is delivered all over the world. In this 'back of the car' discussion with Doug we talk about his life, philosophies and how he got going with Sports Ability. 

  • TIC21: Barry Horne

    09/03/2015 Duration: 17min

    Barry Horne is the Chief Executive of the English Federation of Disability Sport - one of the most progressive and proactive disability sport organisations in the world. We caught  up with Barry not so long after the London Paralympic Games to discuss its legacy and more. 

  • TIC20: Matt Schinelli

    14/02/2015 Duration: 16min

    Matt Schinelli is the founder and driving force behind New Jersey All People Equal in the US. NJAPE facilitates the inclusion of people with disability in sport and recreation across New Jersey. Find out how he does it ... 

  • TIC19: Sue Campbell

    08/01/2015 Duration: 10min

    Sue Campbell is one of the UK’s most influential sports administrators. She is currently Chair of the Youth Sport Trust and has led the charity since its inception in 1994. In a relaxed chat, Ken asked Sue about her support of, and continuing interest in, inclusive sport.

  • TIC18: Dr David Howe

    17/12/2014 Duration: 26min

    Dr David Howe is a former elite athlete and now a Professor of Anthropology in Sport at Loughborough University in the UK. He is a world leading advocate, speaker, thinker and writer on disability sport and its impact on society. Be prepared to to have your thinking tested!

  • TIC17: Peter Curruthers

    17/12/2014 Duration: 22min

    Peter Curruthers is a former Paralympic wheelchair athlete who now runs a wheelchair construction business near Leicester, England. He was involved in the early days of the Paralympic movement and has seen some rapid developments over the years. Listen to Peter's fascinating and slightly controversial story! 

  • TIC16: Les Bee

    31/10/2014 Duration: 16min

    Les Bee has a vast amount of experience as an administrator, coach, educator and advocate for sport, particularly football. In this fascinating podcast Les talks about his current role and his approach to inclusion. 

  • TIC15: Kerry Tavrou and Alison Lyons

    23/09/2014 Duration: 23min

    Kerry Tavrou and Alison Lyons have been the driving forces behind the Gymnastics for Everyone program in Vicotira, Australia. The program is innovative, inclusive and has been strategically implemented throughout the Gymnastics community in Victoria.

  • TIC14: Liesl Tesch

    26/08/2014 Duration: 22min

    Liesl Tesch has done a lot! Is doing a lot! Wheelchair Basketball Paralympic Gold Medalist, world champion sailor and globe trotting educator and speaker. And that's jst the start! 

  • TIC13: Susie Bennett-Yeo

    26/08/2014 Duration: 23min

    Susie Bennett-Yeo has been a leader in the field of sport for people with disability for well over two decades. She has a long and continuing involvement with Special Olympics and has been integral in the development of education and awareness programs nationally and internationally. 

  • TIC12: Anna-Louise Kassulke

    13/07/2014 Duration: 22min

    Anna-Louise Kassulke has been guiding one of Australia's most successful, innovative and inclusive sporting organisations - Gold Coast Recreation and Sport - for over 20 years. She knows about inclusion. She knows how to manage. She's a leader in the true sense of the word. We caught up with Anna to get an insight into how she does it.

  • TIC11: Eric Russell

    11/06/2014 Duration: 20min

    Eric Russell is a Paralympic legend. He's a man of principle and a great deal of knowledge. He has a story - or two - to tell about his life experiences as an athlete in the 1970's and his life from grass roots sport to international success. Eric continues to this day to make a difference in the world of disability sport. 

  • TIC10: Sylvana Mestra

    27/05/2014 Duration: 22min

    Sylvana Mestra is the driving force behind Play and Train in Spain, an organisation that is really making a huge difference to opportunities in sport for people with disability. She is also one of the worlds leading advocates in sport for people with disability and key figure in the international community of disability sport.

  • TIC08: Debbie Simms

    16/03/2014 Duration: 17min

    Debbie Simms is a true expert in many sport fields, in particular womens sport, child protection and harassment and discrimination issues. She knows a lot about inclusion and has a lifelong passion to make the sport world a better. Listen how she does that...

  • TIC09: Dale Lanini

    16/03/2014 Duration: 21min

    Dale Lanini is a real guru when is comes to inclusive practice in physical activity. With a background as a special school teacher and an interest in sport it was a natural fit for Dale - of course, it takes creativity, persistence and skill - and Dale has a lot of that!

  • TIC05: Richard Nicholson

    13/11/2013 Duration: 19min

    Five time Paralympic athlete Richard Nicholson talks about his life as an athlete, leading sports administrator and driving force behind many national inclusive sports programs, including Sports Ability, an innovative inclusive games program targeting young people with high support needs. 

  • TIC04: Graeme Innes

    07/11/2013 Duration: 20min

    Graeme Innes is the Federal Disability Discrimination Commissioner with the Human Rights Commission. In this TIC TALK we explore the power of sport to address discrimination issues, the challenges and successes of inclusion and Graeme's love of sport.

  • TIC03: Paul Oliver

    01/11/2013 Duration: 19min

    Paul Oliver is the former Communications Manager for the Human Rights Commission, former Manager of Play by the Rules and currently a Senior Sports Consultant with BlueStone Edge. Paul knows a thing or two about human rights and inclusion.

  • TIC02: Carolyn Watts

    29/10/2013 Duration: 22min

    In this TIC TALK we talk to former international basketball star Carolyn Watts. We see that Carolyn has always been a strong advocate for human rights througout her career that has taken her on a fascinating journey.

  • TIC01: Hamish Macdonald

    27/10/2013 Duration: 24min

    In this TIC TALK we interview six time Paralympic champion Hamish Macdonald and talk about his career and life after sport. Hamish is a leading advocate and practitioner on the rights of people with disability to participate in sport.

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