Tic Talks - All About Sport, Inclusion And Human Rights


TIC TALKS is all about sport, inclusion and human rights. TIC (The Inclusion Club) interviews leading world practitioners in the field of sport and recreation, with a focus on the inclusion of people with disability in sport and active recreation programs. Learn about new programs, new ways of thinking and new approaches to inclusion issues. We also look at the similarities of inclusion across targeted populations, including Indigenous people, people from different cultural backgrounds and women.


  • TIC07: Carl Currey

    TIC07: Carl Currey

    09/08/2013 Duration: 18min

    Carl Currey is a co-founder of Left-field Business Solutions with over 18 years experience working in Local and Australian Government, particularly related to coordinated Indigenous service delivery. He is a passionate leader with an acute understanding of the power of sport to change communities. Here, Carl talks about this and his vision for an inclusive community.

  • TIC06: Craig Wallace

    TIC06: Craig Wallace

    09/08/2013 Duration: 16min

    Craig Wallace is President of People with Disability Australia and Marketing Manager at NICAN - an information service for people with disability. Craig is a strong commentator, advocate and supporter of inclusion nationally - and pulls no punches in the support of human rights for people with disability.

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