Prost Y'all Podcast


The Prost Y'all Podcast is a series of audio wonderment and delight brought to you by the Rahr & Sons Brewing Company in Fort Worth, Texas. We talk about all things beer with a focus on what's going on in the world of the Rahr & Sons Brewing Company. Join Rahr brewers, owners, employees and our friends for the best dang Craft Beer Podcast/s on the planet.


  • Prost Yall Podcast Ep. 2

    Prost Y'all Podcast Ep. 2

    12/09/2016 Duration: 52min

    Round two of the new Rahr & Sons Prost Y'all Podcast. This episode we talk about our Iron Joe Scottish Ale brewed with locally roasted Avoca coffee. The owners of Avoca coffee, Jimmy and Garold sit in with us and good times ensue.

  • Prost Yall Podcast Ep 1.

    Prost Y'all Podcast Ep 1.

    12/09/2016 Duration: 01h17min

    An introduction to our new Prost Y'all podcast! A quick run-thru of the Rahr & Sons Brewing Company and some Rahr family history. Meet some of the brewery staff, share a beer and a few laughs.

  • Prost Yall Podcast Ep. 3

    Prost Y'all Podcast Ep. 3

    27/06/2016 Duration: 01h16min

    The 3rd installation of the Rahr & Sons Prost Y'all Podcast. We discuss our new year-round beer, THE FORT WORTH in collaboration with the US Navy. Then, we steer the ship off course and talk about all kinds of other stuff.