Cd Baby Hip Hop Podcast



Kickin' like a kick drum, the CD Baby Hip Hop Podcast is an all-encompassing lookor listen, if you willat some of the best hip hop and rap music CD Baby has to offer. Our catalog represents a diverse mix of styles from around the globe, so each episode will take aim at a specific genre, sub-genre, or uniting theme (regional sounds, etc.) that ties the music together. CD Baby hip hop editor Brad digs through the crates, hosting each installment and helping you find some great new music.


  • #04: Canadian Hip Hop

    13/11/2009 Duration: 16min

    This time around we look to the north, scoping out some of the finest CD Baby hip hoppers from Canada. Jesse Dangerously - Max Prime & Jon B - Marvel - Opus MC -

  • #03: CD Baby Hip Hop from Philly

    09/06/2009 Duration: 19min

    As per a request from Twitter user Haz3rd, we're gonna focus on Philly hip hop this time around. Lots of bounce, lots of lyrics, and even some live-band hip hop on the last track, which is a first for the Podcast. Keep sending in those requests! Track List Caen Project - Jawnzap 7 - Tidal Wave, Tarp & Adam12 - Spanish Blue -

  • #02: Hip Hop from the Kansas City Scene

    12/05/2009 Duration: 20min

    In the second episode of the CD Baby Hip Hop Podcast, Brad (as per a suggestion from a listener) takes a look at some of the best hip hop coming out of of Kansas City. Ready yourself for some bouncy tracks, and a couple of anthems that give great insight into what's at the heart of the KC scene. Track List Trystyl - Izmore - Steddy P. - Anti-Crew -

  • #01: Introducing the CD Baby Hip Hop Podcast

    31/03/2009 Duration: 16min

    In the inaugural episode of the CD Baby Hip Hop Podcast, we take a look at artists who buck the norm, shun the mainstream, and make hip hop on their own terms. They call it Underground, and its deep recesses house some of the finest lyricists out there.