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Living Jesus is a radio broadcast of kathleen whitten ministries, based in San Antonio, Texas. kwm exists to manifest Jesus through living encounters with His Word. Join kathleen as she shares unrestrained boldness for Jesus, uncommon honesty about life, indiscriminate passion for everyone and unusual relevance for today. Listen to Kathleen's radio broadcast on KDRY 1100 AM on Saturdays at 1:30 pm and Sundays at 8:30 pm.


  • Fruit Of The Spirit; Fruit Of The Flesh


    Kathleen discusses the fruits in our lives of the things we choose to feed. Are you dissatisfied with something in your life?

  • Individuals


    Kathleen discusses the dynamics of becoming married, retaining your individuality in God's eyes and our continuing relationship with God.

  • Together


    Kathleen speaks about marriage, faith and defining what God intends for couples building life and faith together. God wants you to know that together: - has nothing to do with moving in the right direction - has nothing to do with feeling - has everything to do with God, and God is a miracle worker.

  • Earth Stuff


    What do we do when we are in the midst of "Earth Stuff"? Kathleen discusses what the Bible calls us to do to stay our course on earth as God's people.

  • Love - How, When and Why


    Where does love come from? Do you ever wonder if you really love God? Kathleen discusses how God's faithfulness is revealed in it's consistency. His love is consistently revealed to us anew each time we read the Bible. The enemy will try to fool you, but remember that the only love we have in us is what God has given us.

  • What Are You Seeking?


    Deep in your heart, what do you treasure most? Do you know where to find it. Most of us are seeking the unknown. Seek Him Who wants to be known.

  • Love Your Brother


    All of God’s children have a name and He cares deeply about each and every one.

  • Assurance Of Salvation


    Do you wonder (like the rest of us) if you are truly saved? What is it that really makes the difference in our eternal salvation. Learn what the Bible says and what the world says on this issue.

  • It's All About The Attitude


    Kathleen discusses what true humility is - a position of the heart, a position the body, and lastly a position of praise!

  • You Bet I'm Humble! (Humility 1)


    What does true humility look like from a Biblical perspective? Kathleen discusses how the world can get us off track and how the Word can show us the true meaning of humility.

  • Building What Lasts


    What is true Humility? Kathleen discusses what the fruits of humility look like in our lives and our actions.

  • God's Way, Not Ours


    Kathleen discusses the dynamics of making decisions, following our own hearts or God's direction. True freedom is not having our own way, but yielding to God's way.

  • Man's Precious Possesion


    Kathleen discusses how you can be one of those people who radiate contentment in their soul. What does the Bible say about this special ability?

  • Too Proud For Grace


    The Bible tells us that pride will always bring us to destruction. How willing are we to humble ourselves and step aside in life? Kathleen explores the concepts of pride, humility and grace.

  • Who Is Wisdom?


    Join Kathleen in a discussion of Wisdom. Who or what is it, where do you find it and what can it do for you?

  • What Are You Sowing?


    A frank discussion of who we are called to be in Christ and what we are not to do.

  • Hidden In Christ


    Kathleen explores the costs and benefits of taking God seriously when He says "Pay attention to my Word."

  • Valued By God


    God designed us to want to be valued and to want value. Most of us spend a lifetime searching high and low in order to find a valuable friend, spouse, advice, school, job and life. But we don’t need to search the world to find what is most valuable. The greatest treasures ever to be found are in the God’s Word.

  • Do The Deeds


    Kathleen discusses what Jesus means when He implores us to live our lives as Abraham's children.

  • If You ...


    What did it take for you to lift Him up in your own heart and truly come to know HIm?

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