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Have a slice of life conversation with the Critical Media Guys as we talk about our week, whats happening in the news, upcoming games, movies, television, go through emails and more.


  • CMG – We’re Happenin’ #017


    Back again from a long hiatus, we decided to say hello. Yes we’re both still alive, what a surprise! Google Music iTunes RSS Feed Advertisements

  • CMG – Impromptu Top 10 #016


    Me and Sean have fun talking about our favorite games, getting ready for the end of the school semester and go over our weeks in tv and games. Google Music iTunes RSS Feed

  • CMG – It’s 1:30am #015


    Me and Sean talk about the past month we have and haven’t played since the last podcast, our spring break games, harmonquest, samurai jack, and other theoretical stuff. Google Music iTunes RSS Feed

  • CMG – DEAD from SKOOL #014


    It’s been forever, and I’ve been atrociously busy. The turnaround on this episode was something like 2 or 3 weeks. Yes I know, but it’s my final semester in college! So trying to keep my shit together. Me and Sean... Continue Reading →

  • CMG -Slice of Life (and poo) #013


    I actually totally forgot what we talked about. Most of the games that came out, our weeks, adventure time, etc Enjoy! Google Music iTunes RSS Feed

  • CMG – The Inward Journey #012


    Long and Sean again, going over our weeks and talking about Westworld, the new Nintendo Switch line-up, and what makes it ok to kill and murder in video games.  or iTunes and RSS feed

  • CMG – Before School Starts #011


    Me and Sean talk about our weeks, the great stuff we bought during the winter christmas sale, our last LAN party, and how amazing Furi is!  or iTunes RSS feed

  • CMG – We’re back! #010


    We’re back! After almost 6 whole months since the last episode, we’re back. Life’s a beach, and we were quite busy. I’m joined by my buddy Sean and Bryan and John even comes in later in the podcast! Hope you... Continue Reading →

  • CMG – Babies taste like veal? #009


    Joining us again, my buddy Link and I have a nice talk about eating babies, cop out designs that change the story of games, and the games we’ve played since the last podcast. Google Music iTunes RSS Feed

  • CMG – Honest Long? #008


    I’m joined by my long time friend Link. We talk a lot about the good old days and Link’s hatred for Nintendo. iTunes RSS Feed Google Music