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Explore some of the most fascinating moments in the history of Edinburgh, York, Chester and other places in this new podcast!


  • Episode 5 - Top 6 reasons to use a virtual tour

    06/02/2011 Duration: 12min

    Virtual tours are often said to be 'just like being there'. They aren't, but that doesn't mean they can't be a really useful tour to anyone planning on visiting the location, or who has just been, or who probably will never get to make an actual visit. We give you our personal top 6 reasons for using a historical virtual tour. We've got a competition to win a download of our latest title 'Edinburgh's History - The Old Town Interactive Guided Tour'. This is one of the biggest historic virtual tours we've ever seen and we're sure you'll love it! Happy virtual touring!

  • Episode 4 - Burke and Hare Self-guided Tour

    17/01/2011 Duration: 09min

    Our fourth podcast looks at the murders of Burke and Hare. We take you around some of the Old Town of Edinburgh locations which would have been familiar to William Burke and William Hare. This week's episode comes with a downloadable Burke and Hare Self-guided tour map. This Edinburgh tour map is free of charge. This episode concludes our series of podcasts on the subject of bodysnatchers and the Burke and Hare West Port murders.

  • Episode 3 - Reflections on Burke and Hare

    17/01/2011 Duration: 15min

    Our third podcast takes time out to reflect on why the Burke and Hare story is still important today and on how real history should be portrayed. We look at some links to life in Edinburgh today, we've got another free resource to download and we announce our first ever competition winner!

  • Episode 2 - Edinburgh's Slums - The Hunting Grounds of Burke and Hare

    17/01/2011 Duration: 11min

    Our second podcast looks at the conditions for Edinburgh's poor in the first two decades of the nineteenth century. Life was cheap amongst the capital's teeming tenements and high mortality rates meant there was a constant supply of bodies for graves...and where there were freshly dug graves, there were often going to be bodysnatchers... Some bodysnatchers didn't necessarily dug up bodies, they were murderers instead. Last week we found how two women took advantage of Edinburgh's anatomists need for fresh corpses by murdering a young boy, this week we learn about life for the poverty stricken areas of the Old Town, the hunting grounds of Burke and Hare.

  • Episode 1 - Bodysnatchers!

    17/01/2011 Duration: 20min

    Burke and Hare...two of the most famous characters in Edinburgh's history. Our first podcast series will focus on the story of the two Irish murderers. We will also look at the bodysnatching 'phenomenon' which reached a crescendo in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. We will explore some of Edinburgh's graveyards, known haunts of the ressurectionists who were always on the look out for a freshly buried body to dig up and sell to the many anatomists, and their students, who were making Edinburgh one of Europe's foremost centres of medical learning. Episode one will introduce Burke and Hare and look back on some of Edinburgh's earliest grave robber stories.